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More on Ballistic Coefficient (BC)

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd Back in August Mr. Paul Box penned “How Much Difference Does Ballistic Coefficient Make” on ballistic coefficient (BC) and its use in the hunting world and the limited amount of bullet drop … Continue reading

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Sierra Bullets Infinity 7 Ballistic Software

Sierra’s newly released Infinity Version 7 Exterior Ballistics offers an easy to navigate interface designed by shooting enthusiast and Microsoft® software designer, Rodney Korn. Like Infinity Version 6, Infinity Version 7 allows users to generate multiple trajectory charts and graphics, … Continue reading

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Adding a Custom Bullet to Sierra Bullets’ Infinity 6 Software

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Robert Treece Lots of shooters with our Infinity 6 CD do very well on the line but get “flinchy” playing with the numbers—try this! From the main screen, select the cartridge/caliper symbol over on … Continue reading

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T’was the Month Before Deer Season

Written by Ballistic Technician Rich Machholz The phone rang and my wife answered, I could tell from the way she was talking it was a friend, then she handed me the phone and said “Jimmy.”  Sure enough, it was my … Continue reading

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