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How Much Difference Does Ballistic Coefficient Make?

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Paul Box Judging by the calls I’ve had through the years, I think some shooters might be placing too much importance on ballistic coefficient. The best example of this comes from a call I … Continue reading

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Unpointed Bullets Vs. Pointed Bullets

Written by New Product Development Manager Mark Walker While looking at one of the online shooting forums the other day, I ran across a discussion about whether or not pointing degrades the accuracy of the original unpointed bullet. Sierra has … Continue reading

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Bullet Selection 101

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd When selecting a bullet for a particular use there are several things to consider. HUNTING PURPOSES If the selection is for a hunting situation the size and reputation of toughness of the … Continue reading

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Sierra Bullets Announces New Tipped MatchKing Bullets for 2015

How do you make the most accurate bullet in the world even better? By crowning the world renowned MatchKing with an acetal resin tip that lowers the drag by improving the ballistic coefficient. For shooters who are looking for a … Continue reading

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