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The Changing Times

Written by Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks We all certainly remember how in the very recent past certain types of ammunition have been difficult to find. At times, it seemed almost impossible to get your hands on 22LR ammo. And you … Continue reading

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Why Can’t I Find .22 LR Ammunition?!?!?

Written by Sierra Bullets Vice-President of Sales Matt Reams Even though Sierra Bullets does not make .22 LR ammo or projectiles, we are constantly asked “Why can’t I find any .22 LR ammo anywhere?” Even the conspiracy theorists are at … Continue reading

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Springtime at the Gun Range . . .

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks As we enter the final weeks of winter, we all start to think of the many things we like to do in the springtime. Target shooting is an excellent way to enjoy … Continue reading

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