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RangeXtd Reviews UK – Best Wi-Fi Booster To Install – Legit or a Scam?


Nov 24, 2020
RangeXtd Reviews UK - Best Wi-Fi Booster To Install - Legit or a Scam?

RangeXtd Wi-Fi booster Reviews: Whether working from home or office in the COVID pandemic requires fast internet connectivity to work hassle-free. But with an increasing number of internet users, the speed might fluctuate making the work experience hectic. So, what is the best possible thing to do in such circumstances? Well, I would recommend you install some user-friendly Wi-Fi boosters at the office or home. RangeXtd has helped millions around the globe to get the best internet surfing experience. The device is easy to install and arrives at a convenient and affordable price to purchase. Due to limited stock availability, it is recommended to go for its order now. However, there are many questions raised regarding this device’s efficiency that we are now about to discuss below.


What is RangeXtd?

RangeXtd is a powerful and easy-to-use Wi-Fi booster that enhances the wireless signals of the internet. It eliminates the dead spots that help a user to enjoy the fast internet connectivity with no buffering. The device is easy to install and connect at home and is used as a powerful wireless router. The device is sourced with 2 3D antennas and a LAN port and is equipped with 3 stage strength indicating Wi-Fi. The overall key function of this Wi-Fi booster device is to increase the coverage of the Wi-Fi network and deliver great internet speed. As soon as you install the device you will achieve a fast downloading experience.

The Best Features of the Device

  • Helps to boost the Wi-Fi signal strength
  • eliminates and removes the dead spots
  • User-friendly and easy to install
  • Includes stage 3 indicators of strength
  • Various connectivity modes such as router and repeater mode
  • Has speedy 2.4G data transfer with up to 300MBPS strength
  • Is sourced with power on and off button

Technical Specifications of RangeXtd

These are some special technical features that you should know today before making a purchase such as:

  • Includes a wizard installation
  • Has the ability to take up to WPA2-PSK encryption
  • Is loaded with 2 built-in antennas
  • Includes a special 1WAN/LAN and 1 LAN jack
  • Holds a one-push button feature
  • Has LED indicator to show signal strength.
  • Includes mode controllers
  • Delivers fast Wi-Fi speed up to 300mbps


Instructions of Use

There is no strict protocol that needs to be followed, while you need to use RangeXTD at your place. However, the following points can help you in easy installation of the device:

  • Plug the RangeXtd at any power socket located at any place in your home or office.
  • You can get an idea of the signal strength on the LED of RangeXTD, so accordingly you can change its location.
  • Connect RangeXTD to the router.
  • RangeXTD is good to go!

Where to Buy?

RangeXtd Wi-Fi booster is now available at its official website to purchase. This is a global offer that is now sold in various countries at multiple discount offers for the customers. Additionally, you get a 30-days money-back assurance with the orders, if not happy with the results. So, go for the purchase of RangeXtd today and experience the best Wi-Fi surfing at home or office.


There are many options available today to boost internet speed and get going fast every time with fast connectivity. But RangeXtd is one of the best and affordable choices that keep you engaged and eliminates buffering issues. People are loving this device and it has helped them a lot. You may look at the official website to check the positive customer reviews about the product. So, go for it now and get a special price discount with free shipping in the United Kingdom regions. If not happy with the performance claim for the money back. Hurry! there are limited stocks available and that might make your reach restricted, book immediately. The lightning-fast connectivity of this WI-FI router delivers up to 300 Mbps speed at a quick pace. So, enjoy watching your favourite OTT shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime with no buffering.

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