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Website Reviews Reviews 2020 (December) – Is It Legit or a Scam Store?


on Reviews 2020 (December) - Is It Legit or a Scam Store? Reviews 2020: Please effort to visit the website and read the positive points. Shop for designer boots and sandals collection here only.

People go crazy whenever they are asked to shop online during festive seasons. So, what shoes brands do you prefer to wear? Is there any specific demand that you deserve to select A true gentleman is always remembered by his shoes. For those demands, is the one-stop destination to shop for great boot or shoe collections.


The lockdown period has forced people to shop online. Today companies are taking the opportunity to offer an exclusive discount on shoe brands. offers various designs of shoe collections at an affordable price. It suits all age group members who love to explore new shoe collections.


In this special review, you will explore the authenticity of this online store. I request all to read the review carefully before making any purchase.


About is the one-stop destination to shop for exclusive boot collections. The company deals in leather and rubber boot collections to wear. In the festive season, you receive a special price discount, to gift or use itself. However, the website misses information about the company headquarters. There is no free shipping scheme applicable in the regions of the United States.


If you prefer wearing brands like Adidas, Nike or Reebok, then you should not shop here. There is no specific brand boots collection available at


Exclusive Features of

  • The boot collections get shipped within a week after you order
  • is only three months old
  • Offers multiple price discounts and shipping charges
  • The website interface is user-friendly to explore
  • Wide and attractive design boot collections available
  • Boots are available for all genders and age
  • Free shipping on orders above 50 euros
  • Also deals in Sandals collection
  • Leather and fabric-based boot collections to explore
  • The store accepts Master Card and VISA payment methods

The Limitations of the Website

  • The company address and contact information is not available
  • Is a very new website to trust and shop
  • No exchange or refund policy available
  • Boot collections are not manufactured with quality materials
  • Slow interface makes shopping here troublesome

Is a Scam?

We are not here to judge or give our suggestions about any company. But our motto is to safeguard people from fraud or scam websites. meets 50/50 authenticity guidelines. Yes, it has few positive customer reviews that make shopping here legit.


But the company information and address go missing, which flags a red signal. The discount offers are available for a limited period only. If you prefer a reputed brand then this website is not your first choice to explore.


Final Verdict

The collection of boots and sandals makes a unique online store to explore. Yes, you may select any stylish design or model on personal likings. But be careful when you make payments because the website misses SSL security guidelines. Overall one may go for small shopping items because they are affordable to purchase.

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Website Reviews

Fresh Henry Mask Reviews 2021 – Get Full Details On It Now




Fresh Henry Mask Reviews 2021 - Get Full Details On It Now

About Fresh Henry Mask

Fresh Henry Mask is the facial cautious cloak arranged using imaginative development for ultra breathability and layered channel protraction. The face cover is upheld and progressed by first-class contenders and celebs. It is available as a unisex adult face cover. The face cover is available in various models and shadings and features an inventive origami-energized plan for a comfortable fit and rich style. The face shroud is arranged with three-utilized non-woven polypropylene advancement, and it gives the face cover extra breathability and development for an optimal fit.

Specifications to Check

  • It is a special category of Unisex Adult Face Mask
  • The cost for the pack of 4 Fresh Henry Mask is $49.50 only
  • The approx dimension of Fresh Henry Mask is 8×6 inches
  • Is washable in nature and is suitable for cold wash
  • Fresh Henry Mask is a uniquely crafted protection Face Mask
  • The fabric used inside this mask is 3-Ply Polypropylene Fabric

Best Features

  • Fresh Henry Mask received 4.5 ratings out of 5
  • The official website has a trust score of 85%
  • Fresh Henry Mask is safe to use and is reusable with nature
  • It is completely washable with nature
  • You may wear the mask in three different styles
  • Fresh Henry Mask could be worn for long hours and never causes any irritations
  • The brand is popular and is serving for more than one year

Drawbacks of Fresh Henry Mask

  • Fresh Henry Mask received mixed customer review overall
  • The mask requires you to change it after every week with the regular use

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Poseilo Reviews 2021 (June) – Should You Shop Here?




Poseilo Reviews 2021 (June) - Should You Shop Here?

About Poseilo

Poseilo is one of the newest online shopping stores that you may explore for various kitchen products and accessories, along with various utensils, food items, and home decor collections. The 24×7 customer support number +1 408 647 7361 is active for all customer queries and grievances. There are standard shipping charges applicable for every single order. However, this shopping store is not active over the social media pages and the content used on it appears copied. So, you should consider shopping here with full attention only.

Specifications of Poseilo

  • The store takes around 10-15 days to deliver the orders
  • The accepted online payment by Poseilo includes VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, and AMEX
  • There are no active social media pages of Poseilo
  • Order tracking facility is also available at the store
  • The official website of this shopping store is
  • Poseilo specializes in various, kitchen instruments, utensils, cookware, and supper sets, etc
  • There are great discount deals and offers listed on the store
  • Poseilo offers a special 45-days moneyback assurance on the purchase
  • There are mixed customer reviews available at Poseilo
  • There is active mail support for queries
  • The toll-free customer support number is +1 408 647 7361

Benefits Received

  • Huge discount deals and offers are applicable to save your money
  • Easy refund and exchange policy is offered by the store
  • Order tracking facility is provided by the store
  • website is secured because it is HTTPS certified
  • There are many positive customer reviews available on the website
  • Poseilo has an active 24×7 mail server address

Worst Sides of Poseilo

  • has no active Facebook or Instagram social pages
  • The website domain is very new and was launched dated 22/09/2020
  • product collections are expensive compared to other stores
  • The trust score of this shopping store is only 1%
  • No free shipping service is offered by the store
  • The customer reviews available here appear as fake

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Airyrub Reviews 2021 (June) – Legit or a Big Scam?




Airyrub Reviews 2021 (June) - Legit or a Big Scam?

About Airyrub

Airyrub is an international shopping e-commerce platform that sells an amazing collection of hand gloves that are made with the finest quality. The website was launched recently and is about 2 months old but has fast shipping available now. Airyrub upholds the client, craftsman, and retailer’s local area. Moreover, Airyrub state for managing an assortment of housewares, adornments, dresses, and endowments.

Store Specifications of Airyrub

  • Airyrub website specializes in selling hand gloves
  • The store takes around 10-15 days for national order
  • Airyrub also offers worldwide shipping on the client orders
  • The purchased items could be returned or exchanged within 30-days
  • The store offers huge discount deals and coupons to save money
  • Has a special order tracking facility available
  • For queries and issues, one may write a mail to
  • The official domain of Airyrub is only 2 months old
  • Newsletter subscription is not available at Airyrub
  • No customer reviews are available on the website

Positive Features to Check

  • official website accepts easy online payment methods
  • There are great discount deals available to explore
  • Easy 30-days refund and exchange policy available now
  • Airyrub has a customized order tracking facility for clients
  • There is an active mail server of this shopping store
  • The customer support of is active 24×7
  • Airyrub also ships the orders beyond international borders
  • The hand gloves available for sale are made with the finest quality

Limitations of Airyrub

  • Airyrub official website has no customer reviews and ratings available
  • The discount deals claimed by appear expired
  • No social media pages of Airyrub website exist
  • The shipping of is very delayed
  • The about us section of the official website is missing
  • The customer support number of Airyrub is not working
  • The product details and descriptions are not explained in deep
  • The trust score of Airyrub is only 2%
  • The trust index of this website is only 14.2%

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