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Kelly Clarkson Scam 2020 (December) – This Was a Legit Idea And Is Not a Scam


Dec 25, 2020
Kelly Clarkson Scam 2020 (December) - This Was a Legit Idea And Is Not a Scam

Kelly Clarkson Scam 2020: Please visit the official page for more information. The giveaways were announced by Kelly Clarkson on her personal Twitter page.

You would always feel delighted whenever you get an opportunity for free giveaways from your favorite celebrity. We are on Christmas Eve and would soon celebrate New Year, which brings trends of free giveaways from the celebrity. The world almost went in a big shock where the Kelly Clarkson giveaway went viral on social media.

Kelly Clarkson is a famous singer who resides in the United States. Recently in a reality TV show, 12 free giveaways were announced. These giveaways are available for the holiday season only.

But are these giveaways genuine or a scam? we will now review the Kelly Clarkson scam below in this article. Please read it carefully to get enough information.

About Kelly Clarkson Giveaway

The reality talk show of Kelly Clarkson recently announced to distribute a free giveaway to the residents of the United States. Kelly is a singer, writer, actress, and TV host by profession. The Voice is her talk show name where the giveaways were announced. But many term it as Kelly Clarkson Scam due to less information available online.

People are free to enter and qualify for the free giveaways. All they need is to register at the website named atlanticrecords.com. The freebies are announced daily for the people.

The prizes include a personal swag bag of Kelly Clarkson, swig mugs, wine glass, and signed ornaments. The sweepstakes ended on 24th December. However, after checking the relevancy we can term that Kelly Clarkson scam is null and 100% genuine.

Shocking Reactions

As soon as the giveaway news released on her Twitter account people went crazy. The followers count almost started to show incline, where people love her a lot. The news was real, and there was nothing scam in these sweepstakes. However, only a few privileged fans received an opportunity for those giveaways.

Conclusion on Kelly Clarkson Scam

Many people thought Kelly Clarkson Scam was of the giveaways but that is not a truth to accept. The Christmas Countdown Sweepstakes were announced after the recent release of her new songs. People praised her performance once again and she was trending over the social media platforms. So, in our investigation, we came to the conclusion that the announcement was real and it was not a scam thing.

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