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Sierra Introduces New 6.5mm 150 gr MatchKing Bullet

  Sierra Bullets is proud to introduce a new addition to the legendary MatchKing® line. Shooters around the world will appreciate the accuracy and extreme long range performance of our new 6.5 mm 150 grain HPBT (#1755). A sleek 27 … Continue reading

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Sierra Bullets 6mm/6.5 Creedmoor Load Data

Test Specifications/ Components Firearm Used: Universal Receiver Barrel Length: 24” Twist: 1-8’’ Case: Hornady Trim-to Length: 1.910’’ Primer: Winchester WLR Remarks: Official SAAMI drawings for this cartridge and chamber have not been released at this time.  Therefore this cartridge is … Continue reading

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Standard Deviation – How Valuable is it?

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Rich Machholz Okay, you and I are at the range testing loads. You have a new hunting rifle in a bolt action platform and I have my newly rebarreled IBS 1000 yard light gun. … Continue reading

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300 gr Sports Master Bullet in My 45 Colt

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Phil Mahin My testing continues with my Henry carbine in 45 Colt and I have found out that it likes the Sierra Bullets #8830 300gr Sports Master JSP. I was hoping to catch one … Continue reading

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Shooting Bench Plans and Inspiration

Looking to build a shooting bench?  Below please find some inspiration we have gathered through from our Facebook page. Wooden Shooting Bench Click to download Thomas Draper’s very helpful notes he added to the plans he found online for the … Continue reading

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FAQ: New Sierra Bullets Ownership By Clarus

As many of you have recently learned, Sierra Bullets has been acquired by the Clarus Corporation (NASDAQ: CLAR). We are excited for this opportunity to expand the great service and top quality products we offer to you moving forward. Prior … Continue reading

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How Accurate is the 7.62×39 Russian?

Written by Ballistic Technician Gary Prisendorf When someone mentions the 7.62×39 Russian cartridge, accurate isn’t usually a word that comes to mind. The cartridge itself is capable of decent accuracy, the problem lies with the type of firearms usually chambered … Continue reading

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