About Sierra Bullets

For over 60 years Sierra Bullets has been dedicated to the manufacture of the most accurate bullets in the world. This commitment to performance has established a “Tradition of Precision” for which Sierra is known throughout the world.

Sierra Bullets proudly manufactures BlitzKing, MatchKing, Varminter, Pro-Hunter, GameKing, Sports Master, and Tournament Master bullets.

Over the years, much has changed in the industry and in the marketplace. One common thread running throughout this time however, has been Sierra’s focus on bullets. Hunting and target bullets for rifles and handguns are the only products we make and we work hard to make them better than anyone else. If you consider the large number of serious shooters who use nothing but Sierra and the many accuracy records held by marksmen shooting Sierra bullets, we believe we accomplish our objective of a better bullet.

20 Responses to About Sierra Bullets

  1. The only bullets I use are Sierra Game King 130 gr For my 270 and 100 gr for my 243. I get excellant results on deer, wouldn’t use any thing else.


  2. Thank you for your business William.


  3. CLAY says:

    I used your bullets till they got so high that a volume shooter like myself can no longer afford to buy your product, thank goodness for hornady


  4. Don Rogers says:

    I really like your e-mails that I get from you, The info is excellent and very interesting as well as lots of accuracy tips and I love Sierra bullets and have used them for nearly 50 years. Please keep up the great work and am looking forward to the next e-mail.


  5. Steve L says:

    I would like to see a line of plinking bullets for my 223 & 308 ARs. Too expensive to shoot high quality bullets.


  6. Do you still sell your factory seconds, like you did when your plant was in Santa Fe Springs, So. Cal. I used to go to your factory and buy them for plinking.


  7. Frank Fato says:

    I am two years into hunting and reloading..And smart enough to know what I dont know..So I got an expert..Very close friend who has been serious shooter for over 50 yrs..Past Captain American Muzzle Loading Team..His advice..Sierra 165 Game King, Hollow Point and Spritzer for my 30:06 Ruger..Having success with both bullets.Wild Hogs,Deer,and Elk..I do sometimes use my .338 Win Mag for elk,and the bullet again is the Sierra..Going to try the Outlet Store for the tour and some bullets in October on my way Elk hunting in Wyoming..Thanks for a great ptoduct.


  8. Mike Clark says:

    What are the minimum velocity for reliable expansion of your 30 cal hunting bullets?
    I need this to plan applications for maximum range to use my rifles.

    For example, I have had excellent results with your 165 sbt from the 30-06 at about 2950 fps. But my 308 Win launches the same bullet accurately at 2720 fps. I need to know how much shorter range I need to apply to the 308 to still enjoy the same excellent expansion.

    Likewise your 180 grain hunting bullets, with non magnum rifles, what will be maximum range for reliable expansion.
    A simple min vel for “reliable” expansion for each is all I need.

    (150 gr bullets also, and for those maximum impact speeds suggested.

    Thank you very much,

    Mike Clark
    Carmel, In


  9. Rodrigo perez chavez says:

    Sierra 125gr en mi 30-06 es los mejor


  10. Rob W says:

    Are there any plans to produce a .303 TMK (.311/313) ?


  11. Johan Geldenhuys says:

    what is the bc off the 6mm .243 95g HPBT


  12. cliff eklund says:

    Do you have reloading data for a 28 nosler. Used 175 accubonds on Elk and they came appart. I have used Sierra bullets for years with great success but can’t find reloading data for this rifle.


  13. Bill says:

    I have to say that I absolutely love the performance I am getting out of the 130 grain Tipped Match Kings! (.264) I am running them in front of 41.5 grains of RL 17 in Norma cases. Thanks for the great product! I thought I was stuck with the heavy projectiles in 6.5 CM but the 130’s made it fun again!


  14. Pete Leavens says:

    Hello,I am reloading for my 22/250 Kimber Sporter with a Swedish Mauser action.Its a tack driver with the 55 gr.TMK but want to try the new 60gr.TMK as I’m shooting on our 300 yd.range with a considerable amount of windy days.Can you give me some reload data?Will the 60gr.TMK stabilize with the 1 in 14 twist?Sierra is my go to bullet for ALL my reloads !!great bullets,Thanks so much.Pete


  15. D juro says:

    I’m using it in my 223rem and 30-06 and its most popular to me in Croatia republic of.good price and good bullets!!


  16. William cartlidge says:

    Looking for loads for reloading 165 gr gamecharger for 7mm rem mag, my reload Sierra book doesn’t have it thankyou


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