What is Your Favorite Piece of Reloading Equipment?

We asked a few reloaders: “What is your favorite ‘don’t know how you ever lived without it’ piece of reloading equipment?”  Check out their answers below.  We would love to hear from you too, please share your response in the comments below.

Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin answered “A comparator gauge to measure from the base of a case to the ogive of the bullet. This bypasses the tip of the bullet, so I can repeat the same seating depth the next time I visit a specific combination.”

Bill Marr of www.rifleshooter.com answered “I have so many favorite reloading tools, it’s hard to pick one. But if I had too it would be my Forster Co-Ax press. I like the ease you can change dies and that it doesn’t require traditional shell holders. If you load a lot of rifle, it’s a great tool to have!”

Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks answered “I don’t know that you would actually call this equipment, but the item that comes to mind would be my reloading room. I had always had to squeeze everything into a corner or even an unheated shed. After we bought our current house, I built a garage and placed it so that I had a window looking down a 250 yard range. I built a dedicated room with heat and  A/C. It contains my reloading bench and a shooting bench. The shooting bench lets me slide open the window and shoot down the range. It is very handy to not have to load everything up to go to the range. It also makes load development a lot simpler and efficient. I don’t know how I ever got along without it.

I also wonder what I did before I acquired the Lyman 1200 DPS Powder Dispenser. This has made the process so much simpler and much easier. I also have a Lee Precison Universal Decapping Die that I would gladly spend the money on again. This may be a small thing, but it certainly is handy. The Lee would accommodate some very large cases that some of the others were too small for.”

Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Carroll Pilant answered Dillon 550 and 650 presses.”

Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Paul Box answered “The Lee Precison hand priming tool.”

Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd answered “A brass annealing machine and a RCBS Chargemaster complimented with a Sartorious scale.”

RCBS Rock ChuckerSierra Bullets Ballistician Gary Prisendorf answered RCBS Rock Chucker Press, it’s built like a tank, and it will last me a lifetime.”

Sierra Bullets Production Manager Chris Hatfield answered RCBS  Rock Chucker single stage reloading press.”

Team Area 419 is a PRS shooting team with members from Wyoming to West Virginia. They send a lot of rounds down-range, and need them to be both consistent and precise. Here are a handful of the indispensable tools in their reloading rooms:

Jon Addis answered “Putting an A&D FX-120i scale with Auto-Trickler and Auto-Throw on the bench has changed the way I reload. It’s kernel accurate in about 15 seconds. Saves time and reduces a variable. And of course, the system is made better by the Area 419 Billet Adjustable base for the trickler and Billet Powder Cup.”

Jeremy Kisner answered“My Giraud trimmer has taken 3 steps and combined them into one easy task. I can now size my brass and then sit down and trim, chamfer and debur to a 0.001″ tolerance in one motion.”

Craig Arnzen answered“My Annealeez is one of the best tools in my reloading room. Neck tension is SO important, and annealing every firing really helps with that. This is an inexpensive tool that can anneal a lot of cases at once, and help me produce more consistent ammo.”

Trevor Aldinger answeredArea 419 Master Funnel Kit. In the past I’ve used plastic funnels and even other metal ones. This system fits case necks and flows much better than any others I’ve used, and there is no static since it’s metal. We spend a lot of time and money to get precise charges, I don’t want to lose or miss a kernel because of a cheap funnel.”

Tyler Riley answered“My RCBS bench primer. It has a lot more leverage than a hand primer and still has a good feel to how tight primer pockets are. Makes it much easier on my hands to prime large runs, especially new brass with tight pockets.”

Dan Blake answered“My Annealing Made Perfect (AMP) annealer. With consistent neck tension being one of the largest contributions to small Extreme Spread on muzzle velocities, I believe this induction annealer is truly the best on the market.”

Josh Temmen answered“Time is critical for me so my RCBS Chargemasters are indispensable (pun intended.) They cut down on time at my reloading bench while maintaining the weight tolerances required for long range shooting.”

Josh Bartlett answered“I have my Dillon 650 set up with Whidden floating tool heads to do decapping and sizing on my match ammo. The case feeder and progressive function of the press save me a TON of time when doing lots of several hundred rounds.”

Ryan Brandt answered“I don’t do anything without a quality set of calipers. My reloading room is full of very nice equipment but little does more to satisfy my perfectionism than a good check with the calipers.”

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32 Responses to What is Your Favorite Piece of Reloading Equipment?

  1. TRENT SMITH says:

    My Chronograph, because without It, I would not truly know if some of those other neat tools, gadgets and even myself are doing a CONSISTENT job at reloading.

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  2. Dennis Cattanach says:

    Redding competition shell holders.


  3. firstriverbend says:

    Impossible for me to pick just one, but the two I am really enjoying at this time are my Pacific press and Wilson Case Gauge! Forming .300 Blackout from 5.56 brass and the two just make it so easy!


  4. Willie g smith jr says:

    Dillion 550


  5. Dave Guthrie says:

    Redding bench rest dies


  6. Jim Pileggi says:

    Jim Pileggi
    Lee hand priming tool.


  7. Louis M. Shambarger says:

    I have an old Lyman Acculine I am fond of. The rotors are no longer available but they aren’t hard to make. I made one that throws 2.8 grains of Bullseye. I am sentimental about it. It was given to me by a very fine man who is no longer with us. RCBS makes something similar.


  8. Roquer Este says:

    Dillon 550B. I’ve loaded thousands of rounds with this progressive press. Of many calibers including rifle rounds. Its such an impressive and dependable machine. And if something appears that I can’t fix, then I call Dillon Precision and they fix it by phone. A simple dependable machine.


  9. Ray Harkey says:

    My rock chucker press. Built strong and reliable


  10. lothar camek says:

    “RCBS Rock Chucker Press, it’s built like a tank, and it will last me a lifetime.”


  11. Chris Berlin says:

    I love em all! my co-ax, wilson trimmer, 21c hand primer, bench source annealer, redding bench rest dies, tuned old ohaus 10-10, redding br thrower and my optivisor 3x and 10x jewelers loupe so I can see stuff that really dosent matter.

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  12. Al says:

    a powder trickler.
    the old spoon was getting real old!


  13. Ed Engler says:

    Been reloading for a long time now , I’ve always appreciate good quality equipment and I can’t say enough good things about my Redding dies and presses.


  14. Michael Toliver says:

    My Rifle. For without the proper unloading of ammunition, all my reloading tools would be useless.

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  15. Graven Werfel says:

    L.E. Wilson case trimmer. After close to 40 years of hand loading and going through a few trimmers, this is the best. It is a pleasure to use and is absolutely accurate.


  16. David Ratke says:

    A real good set of scales for powder charges.


  17. Tim Sharp says:

    For me it is the clearly the Harrell’s Classic Culver powder measure. Literally, 10’s of 1000’s of hand loads over have been made with my measure in the last 20 years. Works as well today as when purchased. I may change dies, presses, trimmers, scales, neck turners, etc., but the only tool which does not not change is my Harrell’s.


  18. bruce allen says:

    my favorite press is forester press,it was built in Faribault,MN, where i was a student at st. james military school


  19. Dave Martin says:

    Redding T-7 turret press is my current fav. Great press. Built like a tank and produces super accurate reloads.


  20. Ron Probst says:

    Hollywood Turret press tops the green and red presses on my bench and all 3 get a workout seating SMK’s


  21. Gary Ruisinger says:

    Hum, Forster Co Ax press, RCBS Chargmaster, or my LE Wilson trimmer. I don’t think I could reload without any of them.


  22. James Matters says:

    Mo Defina Headspace Gauges


    • timobock says:

      What ?


      • James Matters says:

        Mo Defina runs Master Class Sports; MCS Inc.
        34 Delmar Dr., Brookfield, Connecticut 06804
        Work Hours:
        Tue, Wed, Fri, 1pm – 9pm; Sat, 10am – 4pm; Mon, Thu, Sun, closed
        Until a friend gave me one of his old Mo’s gauges for headspace, it was all guesswork.
        RCBS later copied them in a cheaper configuration in every sense of that word.
        I have Mo’s gauges for 30 BR, 308, 30-06, 6.5×284. The 30 BR also works for 6BR, and the 6.5×284 also works for the std 284. He also made me some custom scope rails and caters mostly to Palma and ATC shooters. At one time he owned the action company now known as Time Precision, and I have one of those actions (It was labelled PAS; the action is the SLV) with a Shehane ST1000 and 8 twist Krieger in 6DX.


  23. Jim L Allen says:

    My calipers.


  24. Don says:

    My Sierra reloading manual, as I reload for several calibers on my Dillion and RCBS early Rock Chucker press.


  25. Mike Boykin says:

    My favorite piece of reloading equipment is an up to date Sierra manual. Every 20 years or so

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  26. Michael R Cook says:

    I’m glad to see that the CO-AX is featured, I have used one since 1978. A great piece of equipment.


  27. Carl Edwards says:

    K&M neck trimmer. Turning necks has virtually eliminated fliers. This tool is an absolute pleasure to work with, and there’s no galling on the case ID’s. Coupled with an 8 volt Dewalt screwdriver and the Ergo holder, the process moves right along.

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  28. Alan Christmas says:

    The RCBS 10-10 scales I bought in 1983. No batteries, nothing electric, timeless and everlasting. Every time I use them I think: “That was money well spent”.

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  29. Dwight Barker says:

    All of it…enjoy it all,
    best hobby ever.

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  30. 22cowboy says:

    Lee classic reloader for 30-30 + portable scale + chrony. Invaluable when trying to get the charge right to just squeak the FPS fast enough while not pushing a cast lead boolit too fast. Necessary in this state to meet minimum energy requirements for hunting. 🙂


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