Shooting Bench Plans and Inspiration

Looking to build a shooting bench?  Below please find some inspiration we have gathered through from our Facebook page.

Wooden Shooting Bench

Click to download Thomas Draper’s very helpful notes he added to the plans he found online for the bench pictured.

Concrete Shooting Bench

Click here for the plans to build this ultimate concrete shooting bench from

More Shooting Bench Inspiration:

Michael Shymchyk built this shooting bench without plans and says it doubles as a party deck.

Bruce McCraw added 4×4 skids for moving with 4 wheeler etc.

And here is Bruce McCraw’s bench finished with a top and bench seat attached.

Brad Peterson built this shooting bench to compliment his deck.

William Dell Barnes’ 25 year old bench with steel legs in concrete, 4 x 3/8″ steel bar stock welded across the two front legs and tied back to the rear leg, top fastened to the bar stock.

Scott Davis used the same plans as Thomas Draper above but modified a bit for his needs.

Juergen Schmakeit has his bench weighed down with several hundred pounds of bricks.

Andrew Astill made all 4 of these benches for less than $100 patterning them off a bench he bought at Cabelas!John Deere






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7 Responses to Shooting Bench Plans and Inspiration

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on .


  2. Jeff S. says:

    Actually, I am looking for a compact RELOADING TABLE. Any suggestions/plans?


  3. John Cates says:

    Do you have dimensions or plans for Bruce McGraw shooting bench with roof, looks great. Thanks for sharing


  4. Ron says:

    Every one of those benches are great. The only change I would make to any of them is to modify the seating so I can face to two O’clock to the line of fire. Not a criticism, its just the way I’m most comfortable shooting from a bench. Now all I need is a range to set one up at along with a shelter and a storage shed so I don’t have to cart it all over the countryside. LOL


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