FAQ: New Sierra Bullets Ownership By Clarus

As many of you have recently learned, Sierra Bullets has been acquired by the Clarus Corporation (NASDAQ: CLAR). We are excited for this opportunity to expand the great service and top quality products we offer to you moving forward.

Prior owners, BHH Management, acquired Sierra Bullets in 1969 from the founding partners and owned the company for almost 50 years. In the twilight of their careers, BHH Management set out to find new owners who could be diligent stewards for another 50 years and beyond. Clarus Corporation’s matching organizational values and intense focus on quality made this an easy decision for them.

The leadership behind Clarus Corporation have a rich heritage in the sporting market, which is what attracted them to Sierra Bullets. Their other companies such as Safariland Group, Black Diamond, and Pieps demonstrate their commitment to the outdoor industry. Many of you will be very familiar with The Safariland Group and their long history of providing innovative holsters and protective equipment to consumers, military, and LE customers around the world.

We will be happy to answer all your questions about the transition.

  1. Will Sierra Bullets be moving?

    No – Clarus has committed to keeping Sedalia, MO home for all 140 Sierra employees and their families.  Unfortunately, our dreams of moving the plant to a private tropical island were quickly squashed. =(

  2. Will I will be able to get the same great bullets I have come to love?

    Yes! There are no planned changes to the existing product line, but watch for exciting new additions in the future! Perhaps our dream of making a self-propelled gravity defying gold core titanium bullet will finally be fulfilled! =)

  3.  Are there any changes to the staff?

    Nope – you are still stuck with all of us from the President on down.

  4. Can I invest in the company that now owns Sierra Bullets?

    Yes – Clarus Corporation is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol “CLAR”. Or you can continue investing in Sierra Bullets one little green box at a time! =)

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14 Responses to FAQ: New Sierra Bullets Ownership By Clarus

  1. Ralph Crosswhite says:

    Good. Now just get the New Reloading Manual Out with the updated info on the new cartridges.
    Will take a look at CLAR see if price is decent on stock.


  2. Richard Chappell says:

    Best of luck for the future
    Love your products.


  3. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on .


  4. firstriverbend says:

    Well here is to moving forward and good things yet to come!
    As for letting you, “dreams of moving the plant to a private tropical island were quickly squashed. =(“, well they are showing some smarts I suspect. How would they get any work or production with everyone out enjoying the Island Paradise????? 🙂
    All the best to each of you.

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  5. C Kimball Bell says:

    Re: “Or you can continue investing in Sierra Bullets one little green box at a time!”

    Does that mean I am Like LIMITED to only one box at a time? Hope the shortages are not back.


  6. Gene Sasser. says:

    Just so you know, its getting harder to find 7775s here in eastern NC. Feels like a shortage to me. Even back ordered through my Amazon supplier. Hope things pick up soon, I’m comletely out of 175 TMKs. at this point with no hope of making my next match.


  7. nycstripes says:

    Best of luck. I hope that Sierra continues to support the Junior Highpower teams as they have in the past.


  8. Doug says:

    Best of the best of luck to you….. I can remember helping my granddad load his .220 swift with your bullets when I was a mere 12 years of age.. I seriously doubt if too many people today have knowledge of the .220 Swift, but it is a real mover and Sierra still makes bullets that can hold together dealing with the extreme velocities the old Swift provides!


  9. Reed McGregor says:

    I’ve always relied on Sierra. I’ve had sub MOA groups with factory outlet bullets. Being a Sedalia born/bred boy I’m proud Sierra has called it home for so long. However, in my experience, acquisitions rarely end well. Irrespective of what the new corporate owners publicize, only time will tell. I wish all of you the very best.


  10. Larry Willey says:

    It is concerning anytime a public trade acquisition company purchases a proven long standing business as in the quest for profit sacrifices are made to exploit the establishment and consumer product. Also as concerning, where will Star line go in the repercussions. It is difficult to imagine that current top quality will be improved upon. Hope that I’m wrong.


  11. The Clarus principals already have long standing roots in the shooting industry and bought us specifically for that reason, not just our sound profit line. Starline has no involvement whatsoever in Sierra Bullets and never has. They are their own freestanding company that is privately owned by owners that are not affiliated with our past or present owners. They just happen to be our next-door neighbors. Our companies are not linked in anyway and never have been. They are the same today as they always have been and are not affected by this sale in anyway.


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