The Changing Times

Written by Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

We all certainly remember how in the very recent past certain types of ammunition have been difficult to find. At times, it seemed almost impossible to get your hands on 22LR ammo. And you could forget about the 22 WMR. That was virtually impossible. But in the last few months we have begun to see the 22LR supplies being more visible. I had one of the fellow employees remark that he was able to walk into Wal-Mart and buy all the 22 ammo he wanted. I did get an e-mail notice from a major distributor concerning the 22 WMR ammo now being available in good quantities. They were also offering special prices on certain offerings as well.

We have also seen the availability on firearms becoming more steady. Prices have also backed up a little bit. For the most part, if there is a purchase you have been waiting to make, now would be a good time to start really shopping on prices. It is more of a “buyers” market at this time.

With hunting seasons rapidly approaching, getting that new rifle set up and fine tuned is a great idea. It would be an great time to get that young hunter into their first rifle or shotgun. Give them plenty of time to get familiar and comfortable to insure that you have a ready hunting buddy for a long, long time. Maybe it could be a new .22 rifle to hunt small game. Many of my best memories were small game hunts that were very rewarding. Especially with my wife and daughters.

Reloading components for the most part are in better supply. You will still find a few items missing from the shelves, but those grow fewer and fewer by the week. I know there was a major stocking spree in the last several years as people wanted to make sure they had their needs covered. While inventories are flush, now would be a good time to practice. While you can use some of the older stock of supplies and refresh it with new. You could also work on and possibly improve your loads.

Even though this seems to be a slower time in the shooting industry, this makes it all the better for the shooter. You can now enjoy your sport with less worry about supply. Go out and enjoy. Include the family. Teach them the joy of the shooting sports. Help them learn to be safe and responsible and have fun.

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10 Responses to The Changing Times

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on .


  2. firstriverbend says:

    I seldom go into sporting goods stores, just because I spend too much money when I do, but was pleasantly surprise by the shelves full of .22 ammo! Along with lots of other calibers too. 🙂


  3. Zbigniew says:

    I’ll have to check again. The last time I checked the Walmart closest to me, they no longer even had shelf space for .22 LR because they never had any .22 ammo to sell.


  4. Al says:

    For your entertainment, not a political shot.
    As a Cabelas outfitter, in the past we have seen the dispare of those that come in looking and not finding 22 ammo.
    Stock has returned to the shelves increasingly since last summer.
    Since the events of Nov 2016, the quantities climbed, for whatever reason.
    One customer was taking a picture of the full endcap, and I heard him say
    “Thank you Donald Trump”.
    thanks for the weekly articles

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    • Thanks Al for sharing this with us. We have been hearing the same type of responses. Interesting how November changed a lot of things. – Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician

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    • firstriverbend says:

      Well I, among many others, would be one of those people that have had my frown turned upside down, into a smile!! 🙂
      Really love the giant displays at our store too!


  5. al illig says:

    NOW we need a return of the 90gr(or was it 95gr?, been awhile !) Sportsmaster 0.312 bullet. I have noticed more interest in the 327 Federal now that cases and ammo are available!


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