Missouri State Champion FTR

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd









Greg Meredith (right) of the Missouri Shooting Sports Association presenting the State Champion Award for F-Class FTR division to Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician, Tommy Todd (left).

Recently the Missouri Sports Shooting Association (MSSA) held an awards banquet for the 2016 shooting season. I was lucky enough to have won the State Champion award for F-Class FTR division. I shot well enough in last year’s match to be the highest scoring Missouri resident and thus qualified for the State Champion.

F-Class has two classifications of shooters and equipment, F-Open allows the use of a front rest and rear sandbag and a weight limit of 22 pounds. FTR (F-Class Target Rifle) is limited to 18 pounds and you must use a bipod to support the rifle, rear sandbags are also allowed.


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  1. David Ruppel says:

    Congrates Good job!


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