Sierra Introduces New MatchKing Bullet

1997-boxSierra Bullets is proud to introduce a new addition to the legendary MatchKing® line.  Shooters around the world will appreciate the accuracy and extreme long range performance of our new 7mm 197 grain HPBT (#1997).  A sleek 27 caliber elongated ogive and a final meplat reducing operation (pointing) provide an increased ballistic coefficient for optimal wind resistance and velocity retention.  To ensure precise bullet to bore alignment, a unique bearing surface to ogive junction uses the same 1.5 degree angle commonly found in many match rifle chamber throats.  This bullet requires a twist rate of 1:7.5” or faster to stabilize.  

1997While they are recognized around the world for record-setting accuracy, MatchKing® and Tipped MatchKing® bullets are not recommended for most hunting applications. Although MatchKing® and Tipped MatchKing® bullets are commonly used for varmint hunting, their design will not provide the same reliable explosive expansion at equivalent velocities on varmints compared to their lightly jacketed Hornet, BlitzKing®, or Varminter counterparts.

The new 7mm 197 grain HPBT bullets will be available in boxes of 500 bullets (#1997C) with a suggested retail of $264.21per box and boxes of 100 bullet (#1997) with a suggested retail of $54.20 per box.

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4 Responses to Sierra Introduces New MatchKing Bullet

  1. Eric larson says:

    How about some load data for these new bullets .197gr in 7mmultra mag


  2. Anthony Almeida says:

    Looking forward to trying this bullet. Do you have load data available?


  3. Billy says:

    Looking forward to shooting these in my 7-300win mag


  4. Tom Welk says:

    how about load data for 6.5-06 , sierra 1742 142 gr.


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