Henry Repeating Arms 41 Magnum Big Boy Steel

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Gary Prisendorf

When Henry Repeating Arms announced the release of a 41 Magnum Big Boy Steel in January of this year, I immediately went in to a must-have-it mode.

After saving back enough money with my Ramen noodle and hotdog diet plan, I was able to get one a few weeks ago.

When I received my new rifle, I was impressed.  It has a perfect fit and finish and the wood on it is excellent.  Really what else would you expect, it’s a Henry.

To be honest I wasn’t too excited about the buckhorn rear sight, so I elected to throw a scope on top of it just to see what it was capable of.

The only scope I had laying around that wasn’t already mounted on something was a 2.8-10×44 Simmons Aetec that I had removed from another rifle that was traded off a couple of years ago.

I got the Big Boy scoped up and loaded up 30 rounds of ammo, because that’s all the brass I had on hand.

I loaded 15 rounds with the Sierra 210 grain JHC SportsMaster #8520 and another 15 rounds with the Sierra 170 grain JHC SportsMaster #8500 using Alliant 2400 powder and Remington 2 ½ primers.

At the range, I sighted in the rifle at 50 yards with both loads.  Both grouped very well clover leafing less than an inch.

At that point I figured 2 inch groups at 100 yards should be very achievable and set up to test on the 100 yard range.

Before I give you my results, I want to point out that this Henry 41 Magnum is a pleasure to shoot, it functions perfectly and the trigger though a little heavier than I like, breaks clean and crisp which was a surprise for a lever gun.

Now back to my 100 yard accuracy test.

I believe it was Colonel Townsend Whelen that once said, “Only accurate rifles are interesting.”  And I sure hope my Henry gets a little more interesting.

Honestly I was a little disappointed, the 210 grain load shot 2.778” and the 170 grainers shot 3.214”.

henry-41-magnum-big-boy-steelI am certain I can improve the accuracy by a little load development by tuning a load to the rifle.  After all, I just picked a couple of loads out and threw them down range, so there are a million things I can do to improve my preliminary results.

I really like the rifle and look forward to finding a good load for it.  It’s plenty accurate to pop a whitetail at 100 yards, but I know it can do better than that.  Shooters have good days and bad days.  My first day at the range with my new Henry Big Boy Steel definitely wasn’t a good day, but as we all know, the worst day at the range is still better than a good day at work.

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4 Responses to Henry Repeating Arms 41 Magnum Big Boy Steel

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  2. CW Armbrust says:

    Bought one of the .41 Mags as soon as they came available. It is a perfect mate to go with my Ruger Blackhawk .41. Also recently bought a Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter in .41 (available only in stainless steel). I have always loved the .41 as a hunting and general shooting cartridge. It is also a shame that .41 ammo is becoming rare and hard to find. Thanks for the report, I agree with the summary but, my Henry is a keeper!


  3. Gerald Abney says:

    I had to have one also been shooting sierra brass and 210 hp best load so far 18.3 2400 overlap at 65 yds at 100yds it shoots right on you don’t have to aim high


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