Sierra Bullets Announces Master Bulletsmith Program

img_6944Left to right – Master Bulletsmith, Jeff Gilbertson; President, Pat Daly; Master Bulletsmiths Dan Hoke, Scott Jenkins, Bryan Brock; Production Manager, Mike Gunter; Production Lead, Brad Vansell; and Vice-President of Operations, Doug Wickham

Through a newly developed program, Sierra Bullets will train Bulletsmiths through an extensive criteria-based program to be Master Bulletsmiths.  Criteria for the Master Bulletsmith designation include a thorough knowledge of all bullet production processes, an exemplary demonstration of all of Sierra Bullets operating procedures, and a reliable, respected leader.

To obtain the Master Bulletsmith designation, each Bulletsmith must be certified to run all Sierra Bullet lines including MatchKing, Tipped MatchKing, BlitzKing, Varminter, GameKing, Pro-Hunter, SportsMaster, Tournament Master, and Sig Sauer V-Crown bullets.  Each Master Bulletsmith must be able to proficiently run a bullet press, draw press, and trimmer.

In addition to masterfully crafting bullets with their own bullet press, each Master Bulletsmith will lead a group of Bulletsmiths, serving as an expert those operators can rely upon for guidance in the complexities of bullet craftsmanship.

Kicking off the Master Bulletsmiths will be initial inductees Bryan Brock, Jeff Gilbertson, Dan Hoke, and Scott Jenkins.  Together these men bring 99 years of knowledge and experience to the art of making bullets.

Rest assured, the next time you head to the range or hunting with your favorite Sierra Bullets, your bullets bear the quality and accuracy overseen by a Master Bulletsmith.

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7 Responses to Sierra Bullets Announces Master Bulletsmith Program

  1. This is the time honoured system known as apprenticeship which dates back hundreds of years. The contract I signed was a modern version of a 200 year old document when I began my Tool & Die certification program which lasted 4 years and included classes and on the job training plus a servitude that I would work for the company for 2 years after I finished the program as repayment for the education. Apprenticeship programs as yours are the only way to retain and improve manufacturing systems and processes. Congratulations you now creating the next generations of bullet makers .

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  2. firstriverbend says:

    Nice to see some younger blood in your group! 🙂

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  3. Dennis says:

    I guess this is why I have so many green boxes by the reloading bench.

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  4. Richard Phelan says:

    This is the most excellent way of getting the best man for the Job ,How many times have you had a supervisor who could not run the equipment but was a figurehead .This is a great program and a great opportunity to advance with the correct skill set ,Congrats to management for this program ,Move the key players ,from line to line say every four to six months it will keep their skills sharp and it’s good for the company ,being able to fill in for a fellow supervisor who got Ill or hurt .


  5. bill scott BA Okla. says:

    This is the first commonsense answer to a problem that has been in all business for a long time. It is good to see a company that is doing the right thing to correct it. Keep it up.

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  6. Aaron E says:

    This is outstanding! The need to develop and apprentice new bullet smiths is very important to our profession, sport, and industry. This is the exact type of professional leadership I expect from one of the premier bullet makers in the world. I am not only excited about this program, I hope to be a student in the future!

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