Going the Distance with 77 gr MatchKing Bullets

Grab some popcorn and check out this video featuring the 77 gr HPBT MatchKing® #9377 bullets from our friends at Gorilla Ammunition.

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4 Responses to Going the Distance with 77 gr MatchKing Bullets

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  2. Richard C says:

    Two plugs in a row for Gorilla? This is suppose to be a news letter about Sierra bullets. It would be best to post nothing as to give us another commercial.


  3. firstriverbend says:

    Personally I like seeing the results of others efforts with Sierra bullets!
    While some can choose to see this as a commercial, what I see is a business that is using Sierra bullets to do something only a few people can do, either from the loading part or the shooting part!!
    This shot involves over 48 feet of bullet drop, goes through the trans sonic range, hits with less than 180 ft. lbs of energy by the time it gets there and with only a 2 mph cross wind would have over 2 foot of drift!
    All of this in off the shelf, mass produced ammunition!
    This says a lot about the bullet, Gorilla Ammunition, the rifle and the shooter!
    I would say all deserve to be proud of these results. I know I certainly would enjoy doing a bit of bragging about them. 🙂

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