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Advice on Choosing a Hunting Bullet

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Rich Machholz Now that it is August it is time to give some thought to where you are going to hunt this fall and what ranges you will encounter not to mention tree stand … Continue reading

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Does Temperature Affect Point of Impact?

Written by Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd A few weeks ago I was attending the Missouri State F-Class Match, this was a two-day event during the summer and temperatures were hot one day and hotter the next. I shot next to … Continue reading

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Dominion of Canada Rifle Association 2016 F-Class National Championship Matches

Written by Product Development Manager Mark Walker I recently attended the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association 2016 F-Class National Championship matches held at the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa. This was my first trip to Canada and I was extremely impressed … Continue reading

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🍉 Happy Watermelon Day! 🍉

Celebrating National Watermelon Day just how you would expect from The Bulletsmiths® – by taking a few to the gun range! Watermelon vs a Sierra Bullets 300 gr HP/FN Pro-Hunter #8900 shot by a NEF Handi Rifle in .45-70 cal. … Continue reading

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