Throwback Thursday: Bullet Testimonials from the 1970s

From Dennis Clark of Cambridge, OH

The nation’s economy is a mess and money is tight. I want the most for my money so when I buy bullets, I buy Sierra; I have never fired a better bullet and I’ve fired them all!

From Robert Cayley of Atlanta, GA

…While on safari in South Africa recently, I was using a custom 308 Norma rifle and shot approximately thirty animals using this bullet which performed superbly. Most of the kills were almost instantaneous. I found the expansion and penetration to be excellent. Amongst the animals shot were a magnificent Greater Kudu, Sable, Wildebeest, Eland, Impala, Zebra, etc. The Eland which was shot approximately 125 yds. weighed between 1500 and 1700 lbs. I have nothing but the utmost praise for this product.

In October 1970, Mary Louise DeVito of Williamsport, PA used the Sierra 168 gr MatchKing bullet #1930 in a heavy benchrest rifle to break the 1000 yard benchrest record. Her record group was 7 11/16 inches. Her rifle built by Howard Wolfe, was on a FN400 benchrest action with a 30 inch Hart stainless steel barrel 1 1/4 inches in diameter with a 1 in 9 inch twist.

Her ammunition, loaded by her husband, was as follows:

300 Weatherby case necked down to 7mm
Primer 215 Federal
Powder 87 grs. of H570
Bullet Sierra 7mm 168 gr. MatchKing #1930
Velocity 3254 feet per second
Loaded overall length of round 3.725 inches

From Original Pa. 1000 Yd. Benchrest Club. Inc. Secretary, Mary Louise DeVito:


On Sunday, Sept. 22, 1974, Kenneth A. Keefer, Jr., from New Columbia, Pa. shot a 6.125″ group at 1000 yards to set a new world record. He also had a perfect score of 100 in a 7″ 10 ring. This record was fired with ten (10) consecutive unspotted shots. Mr. Keefer was competing in the first match of the day.

It was a very calm, cloudy day and conditions were excellent in the first half of the shoot, then the wind picked up in the afternoon. Mr. Keefer was shooting a 7mm 300 Remington Action. Barrel was a Titus with a 1-9 twist. He used Sierra Bullets, 168 gr. MatchKing H.P. #1930 Powder was 87 1/2 grains of H570. 215 Federal primers. His gun was chambered by Howard Wolfe, Mifflinburg, Pa.

Ken has been shooting in competition for 2 years at the 1000 Yard Range in Cascade Township, in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

From Mel of Cupertino, CA

I knew that your .224 53 grain H.P. benchrest bullet #1410 was good, but not this good. These two groups were fired with my heavy varmint rifle, with a Siebert/Lyman 30 scope. The caliber is a .222 Remington and as you can see, both groups are different powders.

Mel Groups
Until now, I’ve used “Brand X” 52 grain benchrest bullet in competition, but these two groups are going to make me change to your bullets.

From South Creek Rod & Gun Club New Jersey, July 6, 1975

New record —.2980 group. John Fournier set a new 200 yd. aggregate I.B.S. Sporter Record using Sierra’s new 6mm 70 grain benchrest bullet #1505 fired in the new 6mm
Pindell-Palm cartridge.

From Ronald J. Coppola of Orlando, FL

…Shooting 40 rounds in 5 shot groups proved the superior quality and consistency of your fine products. These amazing results gave me the confidence needed to make that one shot kill on long range shots on trophy deer.

From David DeVooght, Oregon, MO

David DeVooghtIn my 15 yrs. of shooting Sierra bullets, I have found that there is no equal. In 1968, I sent you a group shot at 200 yds. with open sights with my .308 using your 168 gr. Sierra International bullets #2200. It measured 9/16 in., center to center. You used it as an advertisement. Since that time at the St. Joseph Rifle and Pistol Club I managed to shoot this 5 shot group, again with iron sights at 200 yds. with my 308 using 40 grains 4895, 168 gr. Sierra International bullets #2200, Winchester brass and Remington primers. It measures 7/16 in. I know that some may disbelieve a group of this type, but it was witnessed and the proof is in the doing on the range. I thank you again for your fine quality and workmanship. You may again use this group in your advertising if you wish. I repeat, “I think you make the finest bullet there is.”

P.S. This group is being filed as world’s record for open sights at 200 yds.

From David W. Eickholt of Millington, TN

…It’s not often I write a letter, let alone to tell someone how good a job they’ve done but I think credit should go where it’s deserved.

One day I was in a farmer’s field shooting at some plastic jugs that I had filled with water for targets. I like to shoot at water-filled jugs because when hit, the expanding bullet causes a spectacular explosion.

While I was shooting, (oddly enough) a groundhog strolled 75 yds. beyond my already 150 yd. target. The groundhog must have been deaf because he acted like he didn’t have a care in the world. It took about 1/2 a second to get him in my sights and squeeze off a shot. The ground-hog was dead on impact. I would like to congratulate you on the fine job you’ve done in your work and I fully encourage you to keep it up.

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2 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Bullet Testimonials from the 1970s

  1. firstriverbend says:

    Wow, I remember when Mary Louise DeVito set that record, hadn’t thought about for decades. I thought that was some pretty awesome shooting then! Still is awesome!!


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