Sierra MatchKing Vs. Sierra Tipped MatchKing

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd

MatchKingVsTippedMatchKingSince we introduced the Tipped MatchKing® (TMK®) line of bullets in 2015, we have had a few questions from customers regarding the two lines of bullets (MK vs TMK). Some shooters are concerned that the tried-and-true MatchKing® bullets will be replaced with the Tipped MatchKing® bullets. For those of you worried, relax, the old standby MatchKings® that you have shot for years are here to stay, and we will happily continue to make them for you.

For those that like to try new products, we are planning on both continuing and expanding the Tipped MatchKing® line. Even where there are two bullets within these two lines that have matching weights (pictured above), 22 caliber 69 and 77 grain, 6mm 95 gr, 30 caliber 125, 155, 168 and 175 grains, we are not going to replace the MatchKings® with the Tipped MatchKing®. We are, however, going to continue to offer both lines of bullets for your use and enjoyment.  Keep an eye out for new additions to our product line!

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14 Responses to Sierra MatchKing Vs. Sierra Tipped MatchKing

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  2. roger tyree says:

    I wonder how the .224 tipped match king would perform as a varmint bullet?


  3. John Fitch II says:

    My thoughts also, I use the Sierra Match Kings in a couple of varmint rifles for the accuracy and they do the job on prairie dogs. But the explosiveness of other brand tipped bullets makes it more fun. Does anyone build a tipped bullet in 69 – 70 grain that is explosive?
    Thanks, John


    • Yes, we do. We have both a 69#7169 and 77 #7177 Tipped MatchKing® bullets that can be used on varmints. We do not express them to be explosive on small varmints though. – Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician


      • MBS says:

        I was using the 77gr OTM and switched to the 77gr TMK because the expansion and killing power was better hog hunting with 223. Maintained the excellent accuracy. The TMK doesn’t seem to exit a hog like the OTM did.


  4. Brad R. says:

    The 175 gr. -.308 love it got me out to 625yds. so far…. The 65 gr. -.224 keep dropping the Yotes in VA.

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  5. Migs says:

    This may be a naive question but is the load data the same for the tipped match king as the smk?


    • With the TMK’s you will need to start loading at the minimum charges listed for the SMK bullet and work up slowly watching pressures. The TMK’s are longer and depending on how you actually seat them will affect the max loads listed. If you are seating the TMK’s to the same length as the SMK’s you will have more bullet inside the case and this will likely cause pressures to go up. Therefore, the max SMK powder charges may indeed be too warm when loading the TMK’s. – Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician


  6. Thank you guys for this information…Been reloading over 50 years…Can’t wait to try some #7177.

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  7. Love Sierra bullets….Shoot a lot of them…They are the BEST in my book.

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  8. John Cates says:

    What about making them where they would be considered a varmit, deer etc. bullet. Would that have any effect on accuracy? Sounds like a stupid question,I know, but would kinda make it an outstanding all around bullet, I have shot both and love them, but would sure help with the inventory at my loading bench as to well these loads are target, these are super target, and I better load another kind to go hunting, Thanks for the quality you have strived for through the years.


  9. Dany Gaudreau says:

    What about the melting plastic tip over long distance. Since Hornady introduced the ELD-M bullets, I don’t trust plastic tips bullets. Am I right ?


  10. 204rugerblog says:

    Is it true the plastic tip melts at greater distance ?


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