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Split Neck Cases

A very thin split in the neck or mouth of your cases can be tricky to see with the naked eye during case inspection.  Shining a flashlight through your cases in a darkened room can help you see where any … Continue reading

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Seating Concerns with Sierra Tipped MatchKing® (TMK) Bullets

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Rich Machholz Now that the new Tipped MatchKing® (TMK) bullets are being shipped and shooters are putting them to use I have received several calls regarding marking on the bullets ogive from the seating … Continue reading

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Why Does Load Data Vary Between Reloading Manuals?

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks One of the first things new reloaders notice is that load data varies between reloading manuals.  The Sierra Bullets Technicians frequently get inquiries asking us to explain why the load data appears … Continue reading

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Lending a Hand at Range Day

Written by Product Development Manager Mark Walker I’ve been a competitive shooter for quite a while and have attended matches around the country. Every single one of these matches had a dedicated group of people who worked hard to make … Continue reading

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Dad’s Old Guns

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd I grew up in a household in rural Missouri that participated in hunting. When I was a youngster and too little to go hunting with my dad, uncles, an occasional guest, or … Continue reading

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