Shooting F-Class as a Team

Written by Product Development Manager Mark Walker

Last week I attended the Southwest Nationals for my third straight year, however this was the first year that I had the opportunity to participate in the team shooting events. At the previous matches I was strictly shooting to try and post the best individual scores that I could. This was challenging in its own right and I pushed myself to become a better shooter. During this time I became friends with some other shooters and started to become exposed to the team events. A good friend of mine, Bret Solomon, approached me about shooting with the Spindle Shooters team and I jumped at the chance.

F-Class teams consist of four shooters and a wind coach. As a shooter, you are responsible for the vertical up and down component of each shot. You want to have a rifle that shoots with very little vertical dispersion from shot to shot to give the wind coach as much of the width of the scoring ring to use as possible. The wind coach is responsible for the horizontal component of each shot. The wind will move the bullet from side to side on the target and it is the wind coach’s job to tell the shooter where to aim so each bullet will land in the highest scoring rings in the middle of the target. Everyone has a job and for the team to succeed, everyone must be at the top of their game.

Marks Fclass TeamFor some people, the stress of having four other people depending on you is a bit daunting however that is what makes the team events so fun! Not every string you shoot will be a clean however there is nothing more exhilarating than when then wind is blowing and you and your coach are having to pick your way through the conditions and that final shot comes up an X.

Now when I attend matches, I shoot the individual targets to help determine how my rifles are shooting and pick the best one to shoot in the team events. And I have to admit that even my individual scores are improving due to the extra attention that I give the rifles to try and have the best equipment for the team. If you have never tried team shooting, I encourage you to give it a try. At most large matches, there are pick up teams that are looking for shooters which makes a perfect opportunity to meet new people and get your feet wet. Once you give it a try, you will be hooked!

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3 Responses to Shooting F-Class as a Team

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  2. firstriverbend says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂


  3. David Ruppel says:

    Congrats on your improvement’s and on your team membership!



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