Magazines for Shooters

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin

The Rifle Magazine #1 My dad’s uncle Kenneth used to share old shooting magazines with me when I was younger on a regular basis. I enjoyed reading every page, soaking up all the information I could and loved looking through the advertisements in the back. Usually, there would be at least one ad for surplus firearms at less than reasonable prices. The thing that really kept me coming back was the honesty in the article reports. They were a true interpretation of what the writer found in the testing. Some of my best reading came from the Handloader and Rifle magazines and to be honest, I still dive into the new articles with enthusiasm.

Handloader#1If I had to pick a favorite writer, I would say it was Ken Waters because he was a man that had been there and done that. Wolf Publishing presented his complete volume of Handloader articles in one book and it has a whopping 1,166 pages! It contains 187 articles covering specific cartridges and another 17 on general cartridges or other information. Holy smokes, that’s a lot of shooting!

I know it doesn’t conform to the same calm demeanor as a lot of other magazines but I found honest reports in articles published in Recoil. If ever there was a magazine that put the information right in your face and rubbed your nose in it, this is the one. No regrets and no remorse, tell it like it is with modern equipment and I hope it never changes. It isn’t for everyone so check it out at your local stand before you get a subscription. Now is the time to read, while the air is cold and the fire is warm. Spring will be with us again soon and it will be time to put our new knowledge to good use.

Till then, stay warm and dream of those tiny group sizes.

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3 Responses to Magazines for Shooters

  1. Christopher Kuna says:

    I too, used to read every page on BOTH magazines until the pages had holes rubbed in them !!! But, a problem arose when I continued to get them over a period of years : They wrote about the same thing, or similar things ALL THE TIME !!!! I got tired of reading about Dave Scovill’s 99 Savage that leaned in the corner of his grandparents doorway in logging camp! Or loads for the 30-30. Or, an article on BPCR or one of its many variations, By Mike Venturino. Or,some of the other writers fixating on cast bullets for single action revolvers or lever action rifles !!!! Obvious omissions were articles on rifles or loads for the MSR in ANY form or the MANY calibers that were being experimented with !!! How about the 458 SOCOM, 300 BLK. 6.5 GREND, 7.62 X 42 etc, etc.


  2. Richard Laffey says:

    I really enjoy the articles in both these magazines. Older rifles and cartridges are my main interest and they are more than adequate to get the job done in my part of the country anyway.


  3. Reed says:

    I find many of today’s magazine articles read more like an infomercial sales pitch. It’s always good to see new products though so I can’t complain.


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