What I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving from the Sierra Bullets family to yours.

Please enjoy Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin’s reflections on things he is thankful for.

Everyday, I see others making the best of their lives and doing what it takes to make ends meet. I count myself lucky in a sense that even though I’m one of them, I can look at my life so far and smile. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of rough times but this isn’t the season of remembering that favorite hunting knife I lost in the field some years back but to be thankful for the new one I found to work so much better.

PhilsKnifeBoth of my folks are still alive and even though my mom doesn’t like to cook anymore, she still enjoys making hearty meals that her mother and grandmother taught her how to make for me and the other hunters in deer camp. We may not get together as much as I’d like to anymore but when the family meets, we always have a good time together. Being introduced to a cousin’s new wife or husband and being able to hold the new baby is always a special treat at the family gatherings.

I’m thankful my wife still loves me after over 14 years of marriage and my kids actually listen to me when I talk to them. The car still runs well even after 200,000+ miles and although rain water found its way through the roof during that last 48mph wind storm, it should be simple to glue the shingle back down if I ever find it.

Living a small town life has its advantages also. Everyone knows everything about you because we all grew up together so there are no secrets. My wife found a news article from my Granddads time when an older lady lost her husband just before the planting season and without his crop, there was no way she could have made it. The whole town came together and planted her fields to make sure she kept her livelihood.

I am thankful examples like that exist to guide me when I just don’t have a clear view of a positive direction in my own life.

I am thankful I live in the greatest country on earth where I can still defend my life and property from any threat, foreign and domestic.

I urge you to remember the good in your fellow man and tell your family you love them dearly this Thanksgiving season.

By the way, mom passed a simple recipe to me that I’ll pass to you. She called it Apple Red Hots and I ate most of the pan by myself. Peel and core several apples (she used Fuji) then slice them. Heat up a skillet with butter to melt then put the apples in. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and a little cinnamon/sugar to taste then when they start to soften, put on the Red Hots (as in Red Hots candy). They will melt and caramelize the pan so stir often until the apples are done to your liking. It went great with chicken and biscuits, potatoes and white gravy (don’t skimp on the gravy). Boy howdy, that is good eatin!

Till next time, have fun shooting and be safe doing it.

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