Deer Hunting In The #1 Stand

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

This tale begins with a bit of history starting with the 1997 Missouri Deer Hunting Season.  That year was either the second or third year that a good friend and I had been leasing a large piece of property strictly for the purpose of deer hunting and an occasional camping excursion. Our wives usually hunt with us, but mine was unable to go that year. I sat on a ground blind stand that overlooked a dry creek running through a big wooded draw that has 2 ridges dumping into this area from the north and west and a ridge that drops off from the east. The ridge I hunt on runs the full length of the south side.

I was on stand well before daylight and was prepared to stick it out for the duration. About 11:00AM I was able to harvest a very nice 10 pointer. The following year, my youngest daughter decided she wanted in on the act. So, when given the choice of where she wanted to hunt, she took the stand that I had used the previous year. I have always hunted with her to ensure that she didn’t have any problems and it was a joy to watch her and experience her hunts. Anyways, the first morning we were back to this stand before sunrise and about 20 minutes into the season she took her first deer. We eventually upgraded from a rough ground blind consisting of old milk crates for seats and cedar boughs piled up around us as the blind, to a modern 2 person ladder stand. She has now hunted from that stand for 13 years. In those years, the first twelve years straight she has harvested deer there every year. All of her deer have been taken the first day. I have also taken deer from this location many, many times. I was also able to take my first deer with a muzzleloader from this stand.

Duane'sDeerFast Forward to 2015

The daughter was unable to participate in opening weekend hunts due to conflicts called “work.” I had mentioned that I was going to hunt from the #1 stand. She was okay with that, or at least she didn’t say anything. As you can see from the included pictures, the #1 Stand was good to me again in 2015. This deer was taken with a 700 Remington chambered in 300 Rem. Short Action Ultra Mag (RSAUM) loaded with an experimental bullet at roughly 150 yards. The expansion was spot on perfect with no bullet recovered. I was using a near max load of Winchester WXR powder ignited with a Rem. 9 1/2 Magnum primer. This load shoots groups averaging approx. .310″.

It is such a blessing to look back on the many fond memories that this stand has been the back drop for. One never knows from one season to the next what changes life brings, but I will always feel like I have been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy glimpses of life from the #1 Stand.

Good Huntin’.

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2 Responses to Deer Hunting In The #1 Stand

  1. firstriverbend says:

    Thanks for sharing about your daughter. Too bad about the “work”! 😦


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