2016 Sierra Bullets Catalog/Poster Now Available

Click here to get your 2016 Sierra Bullets poster featuring 10 new bullets delivered right to your reloading bench (or as close as your mailman can get it).

Click to download as PDF

Please note: We discovered some mistakes made on the new products listed in the 2016 catalog which has already started mailing. We normally list our “top” G1 BC in the catalog for quick comparison to our other bullets in our line. When we added our new bullets to the catalog spread we specified that the “top number” be listed, but that was confused with the “highest” number. So instead of listing the top line (highest velocity) G1 BC as we always do, the highest G1 BC number in the velocity bracket was listed. We only caught this after the catalog was shipping and already printed. All BC’s on our website are listed correctly and have been since they were put up, but they simply grabbed the wrong number when putting them in the catalog.  We did catch it before the counter mats were made, so they will be correct on the counter mats.

We are very sorry for any confusion this may cause. Below are the correct BC’s that should have been listed in the catalog for each bullet and our website can be referenced for the full velocity bracketed BC listing for more detailed information.



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