Let The Hunting Season Preparations Begin

Written by Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

Well here we are again. Deer season. Elk season. Hunting season period, however you want to spell it. The best time of the year. The anticipation of time spent in the field. The memories of seasons past. The camaraderie of hunting camp, or as with our crew, the opening morning breakfast. Then the actual successful hunt itself.

This year like most years the time has approached so swiftly that I am not even sure what gun that I want to hunt with. I asked Paul, one of the other SiHunters_Prayererra Tech’s this question. Why can’t we be satisfied with the gun and load that we used last year?

His answer was simply, Because we are gun people.

The rifle and load of last year still shoots just as well but, I want to try something different. I have been accused of having a malady called “RTD.” If you are not aware, that stands for “Rifle Trader’s Disease.” It seems that every year I trade or buy something different to hunt with.

When trying to decide what I want to try, I have a few things that I always consider. Where will I be hunting this year? What are the distances that I anticipate? What rifle have I not hunted with yet?

At this point I still have time to work up loads and confirm scope zeroes.  I will have to make that annual trip to the gun shop and see what catches my eye. If nothing happens I may have to go back to “Ol’ Reliable” from last year. Of course this is part of the hunt. If we only loaded and shot what we needed, we wouldn’t shoot much at all. That would make life pretty boring.

Now, let’s see….. Will it be a .270 this year? Maybe a .250 Savage? Or I could just pull out the ol’ -06 again. Well…… I’m not sure yet, but I can say this – whatever you plan to hunt with, it is time to tune it up and get it sighted in. If you need help with trajectories or loading issues, give us a call at 1-800-223-8799.

Gone Huntin’

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1 Response to Let The Hunting Season Preparations Begin

  1. David Ruppel says:

    Yes it was that time of year. My hunt is over. Sniff sniff! I didn’t draw a center fire tag for deer or elk. I ended up bow hunting. It was a bad year for bow hunting in the area I like to hunt. Very very dry.. In fact it was so dry even the dirt was crunchy! Because of hunting the East side of Oregon we have no doe seasons, and the bucks because of the heat, haven’t come down from the high country yet. So all and all it was not a good hunting season for an old trad bow hunter like myself. So I came up empty this year.
    But even so I still had fun out in the high desert. And I still have a bear tag and a cougar tag in my pocket and there are still lots of coyotes and jackrabbit I can hunt.
    So what does all this babbling come to? My hunting season isn’t over after all!!! YEAH!
    PS “Wanted” 2 deer steaks and 2 elk steaks


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