2015 Michigan Multi-Gun Championship

Written by Sierra Bullets Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant

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I just had the pleasure of attending the Michigan Multi-Gun Championship in Brighton, Michigan on the 19th (ROs) and 20th of September. Held at a private gun club called the Livingston Gun Club, this range is surrounded by homes just a short distance away. Consequently, any of the ranges that centerfire will be shot on has baffles overhead to make sure there are no stray bullets escape the bays. There is one 100 yard range but the firing line is under baffles. You would expect a range as condensed as this range is to be a poor set-up for a 3 gun match but these guys really made it work. I was really impressed at how good the stages were and with a lot of targets in a small area . Some of the targets, were your choice of which firearm you wanted to use. The downfall was the noise. Nearly every AR there had a comp on it and under the baffles and roof, you better make sure your fillings in your teeth were solid or some of those guns concussion would shake them loose. One of the stages even had a shoot room that was all rifle and had targets hanging upside down from the ceiling and some in the near darkness of a room.

All prizes were awarded by random drawing and there was a rifle, uppers, scopes and a host of other good prizes. Brian Butcher won Open, Jay Carillo won Heavy Metal (I quiver when I think of all the concussion that .308 had under those baffles, he probably shook some of them loose!), Matt Koopikka won Practical and Rick Birdsall won Factory. They had 104 shooters total at the match. All in all, this was a good match in a small setting.

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1 Response to 2015 Michigan Multi-Gun Championship

  1. firstriverbend says:

    Some of the small range shoots can really be a lot of fun, because of the thought that needs to go into the course design!
    The upside down room looks like a total hoot!!


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