2015 Briley West Cost Steel Championships

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The Piru, California dust has now settled on the 2015 Briley West Coast Steel Championships, and what an absolutely stellar event it was! It exceeded all expectations and was the best edition to date.

They hosted 396 entries (including 49 ladies and 19 juniors), who traveled from 11 states and 3 foreign countries. Fathers with their sons & daughters, mothers & daughters and entire families came out to compete and contribute to the safe, fun, family oriented atmosphere the Briley West Coast Steel Championships has become known for.

Over $150,000 in prizes, generously provided by 90 sponsoring companies including Sierra Bullets, were awarded by random drawing to each and every competitor. Everyone had a great time, left with a full stomach, some pretty nice prizes, and most importantly, a big smile and fond memories.

Winner of the match was Damien Curtis, who traveled halfway around the world from Australia to earn the crown.

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2 Responses to 2015 Briley West Cost Steel Championships

  1. Jacob Ellis says:

    thats me in the hawian shirt in the juniors, first place baby


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