Circa 1979: Sierra Bullets To Aid U.S. Olympic Team

Written for Handloader Magazine July-August issue by Wyatt Keith


1980_OlympicsSierra Bullets has announced a program designed to channel support to the United States Olympic shooters – and to give you a chance to get a special jacket patch, certificate, and gold-plated lapel pin. Participating dealers will soon have “Shoot for 1980” kits on their counters.

Each kit includes a jacket patch, six targets, and the rules for shooting and
entering your targets. You can compete with other shooters of handguns and rifles
by shooting tight groups and sending the authenticated targets to Sierra. A ten-shot
rifle group not more than one inch, center to center, at a hundred yards wins a gold embroidered jacket patch and a gold plated lapel pin. Ten shots within an inch
and a half at twenty-five yards will win the pistol shooter a similar patch and pin. The
two patches and the two pins are slightly different: one design shows a rifle shooter,
the other a handgunner. So you may want to try for both.

Among the rules is the stipulation that you shoot your groups with Sierra bullets.
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Of the three dollars you pay for the “Shoot for 1980” kit, the United States
Olympic shooters’ fund will immediately get a dollar. The other two go to the dealer
and to Sierra to cover their expenses in this promotion of Olympic shooting. If your
dealer doesn’t have these kits, keep after him until he gets them. Our shooters need
the help, and I’m sure a lot of shooters will want to get in on this casual competition.

Do you think it’s a snap, shooting a ten shot group small enough to win a Sierra
Olympic patch and pin?

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