Do You Have Load Data For…..?

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

We are often asked on the Tech Line if we have data for every conceivable cartridge, bullet, powder combination imaginable. It is not uncommon to hit a snag when trying to find exact component information. We often have to reference other load data sources and try to determine what would be a safe starting place for a given combination. There are always situations where the data may not exist. This requires some extensive background information questions to be asked in order to get enough information to search out an answer. So bear with us as we try to get you the best information we can find. We sometimes have to step away from the desk and phone to grab a resource publication or reference material.

Then there are the easy ones. We have had numerous questions about the new line of Sierra bullets, namely, the Tipped MatchKings® or TMKs. Each of the six bullets that were initially offered were introduced in a weight and caliber where we have an original MatchKing® bullet of the same weight and caliber. We are asked where to find the new load data for the new bullets. This is when we try and help the loader become more familiar with how to really use load data tables. We start off by explaining that we will be using the same load data table as we do for the original MatchKing®. We need to start at the minimum load because there are some differences in the actual profile of the bullets. Then working up in increments that are relative to the case capacity, we then will find that load which performs well in said firearm.

There is another consideration that needs to be addressed here also – that is the Over-All-Length, or OAL. The new TMK® bullets are longer than the original MatchKings®. If loading to fit a magazine, this forces the bullet to actually be seated deeper into the case. This is another important reason to start at the minimum load. Then by working up incrementally, we can keep our attention on pressure indications, just as we should do with all load work.

Load development is not hard, but it’s not fast either. Remember that safety is the utmost concern. Take your time and work deliberately but carefully. One set of components at a time in an uncluttered environment.  Too many times we have heard someone say,”Load data is reduced, so we always start at the max.” That simply is not true and we want to discourage anyone from making that mistake.

We certainly want to help you with any load development questions you may have. If ever in doubt, call us and ask. Remember, there are no stupid questions @ 1-800-223-8799!

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90 Responses to Do You Have Load Data For…..?

  1. David Ruppel says:

    Thank you for all the answers to all questions I have asked by email! You provide a valuable service to all of us through you Tech. Team! Thank you so much for helping me and every one else.


  2. Bill Hicks says:

    Do you have load data for 135 gr,HPBT MK in 270 cal. Would it be near a 140 Gr. I have 4 reloading books and not one has data for 135.


    • Bill, Our 5th Edition Manual has data for the 135 grain MatchKing®. Let me know which cartridge you want to load it in and I will be happy to get you some data for it.
      Thanks for choosing Sierra Bullets. Gary Prisendorf, Ballistic Technician


      • Pat Johnson says:

        Gary, I also need min / max load data for .308 165 grain Sierra HPBT out of a 30-06. The powder choices are IMR-4350….4064 …. and possibly Varget. Thanks, Pat in Georgia


  3. Jim Remza says:

    Does your 5th edition manual have data on the 6.5 Creedmoor? If so what weight bullet would you recommend for WT and Mule Deer?
    Your thoughts on a bullet for Elk?


    • The 6.5 Creedmoor data is not in the 5th Edition manual. On deer I would use either the 120 SPT #1720 or the 130 HPBT # 1728. On elk the #1728 130 HPBT or the #1730 140 SBT would be excellent. Thanks, Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician


      • David says:

        Hello looking for powder recommendations, weights, COL for 6.5 creedmoor using Norma Brass Sierra SMK’s. Thanks


      • As we have not developed the 6.5 Creedmoor data yet, I do not have data that I can send to you. If you will call the “Tech Line”, we can assist you though. 800-223-8799 Thanks, Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician


  4. Terry Portman says:

    Do you have load data for the 450 Marlin with 300 grain lead fp bullets that are 18 Brinnel Hardness? Trying to prevent leading while working up an accurate hunting load.


  5. sarel says:

    I am looking for load data for a .270 130g Gameking


  6. Jack Harris says:

    Do you have load data for the 135 grain MK in 270 WSM?


  7. Carl Bratcher says:

    looking for data for Sierra Match King 308 168gr. TMK bullets loaded with Varget, LC brass, Winchester primers. thank you for any assistance. Firing through a Springfield M1A, Ruger SR762 and a Savage bolt action.


  8. Mickey Legerski says:

    Hello can i get info for a 30-06 165gr boattail im using 56gr of imr4350 and my group is still kinda spread out can i go up a 1/2 with out blowing up lol.


  9. DAVID RUPPEL says:

    Every rifle is different. Start low work up looking for signs of pressure. When you see signs of pressure back down a grain or Two. I have one rifle that shows no pressure until I’m 2 grains over book max. Yet with different powder I show signs of high pressure at 0.5 over book max. So always work up and study your fired brass. If you don’t know what to look for then stay under book max ways. Just my opinion.
    Safety is Number One!


  10. Glenn says:

    loads for 6.5 Creedmoor with 85gr #1700 bullet


  11. judy simpson says:

    do you have loading data for 7mm short action ultra mag


    • Judy – We do not have data on the 7mm RSAUM. We were unable to complete data in time for the manual, and then when we did complete it, no one had a pressure barrel for us to have the data pressure tested. Therefore we have been unable to release that data. If you have a specific bullet and load question, I can try to loacate data from other sources to give you.


  12. judy simpson says:

    thank you for all your help


  13. James says:

    Load data for the 6.5 Creedmoor 140grain matchking.I can’t seem to find it in any of my books.


    • We have not had an opportunity to collect data on the 6.5 Creedmoor yet at this time. Please contact me with specific powders and I will try to find data for you. Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician (


  14. Michael Horan says:

    I want to load for the Sierra 65gr SBT with Varget. My Sierra manual has a 63gr SP and a 69gr MK…..but no 65gr SBT. They say on the box to use 1-7″ to 1-10″ twist, my rifle has 1-9″ twist..
    Can you suggest a start/max load with this bullet? Thanks!


    • Michael – Sorry for the delayed response. The load data for the 65 will be the same as the 63 grain bullet. Varget would start at 22.8 and our max was 26.3 grains. – Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician


  15. James Rebarchak says:

    I’m very interested in your 7mm 183 gr Hpbt
    Where can I find some load data I’m shooting a 7mm-08 with 1:8 twist 26″ barrel
    Thanks in advance James


  16. Jim Sears says:

    I am in need of load data using your .204 39gr BK bullets with Hodgdon IMR 8208 XBR powder. Hodgdon does not list a 39 gr. bullet in their data. Thanks for any help


  17. mathew armbruster says:

    I’m looking for load data for 180 gr sgk spbt with imr 7828 ssc in a .300 win mag. all I’m finding close to it is a 180 gr ”mt sp.” however i can’t find what type bullet that is so i don’t want to use that data. any help is appreciated


  18. Robert Cook says:

    Do you have any load data on the 69gr & 77gr TMK? I don’t see anything in the 5th edition of the Sierra reloading manual? This would be for an AR type application…maximum length 2.260″


  19. Jeff Soltis says:

    Do you have load data for Sierra Match King30 Cal 220 Hollow Point Boat tail for 300 Weatherby Mag


  20. Roy Hopkins says:

    Do you load data for Sierra Match King .264 140 Gr HPBT 6.5 Creedmoor
    Powder RL 15 and H4350 and H 4895



  21. Mike Williams says:

    I need load Data for .308 175 gr. HPBT at 2700 fps. Closest I’m finding is 2600 fps. Thanks


  22. Matthew Wojdynski says:


    Looking for load data for 250gr smk .338 lapua, any help would be appreciated.



  23. C.Hunter says:

    What is the min-max load data for the tipped matchkings. 7mm 160gr. I’m using reloader 25.


  24. Jason Joplin says:

    Do you have load data for 223 55gr hp boat tail with cfe 223 powder, and what would be max col. Thanks


  25. Miles says:

    When do you anticipate a 6th edition its been a while since the last revision and 6.5 creedmore and Grendel 300bo 25/45sharps are all loads id like to see


  26. Robert e Lee says:

    I have a savage axis action with a 28″ Pac-Nor barrel that has 1:12 twist, I’d like to shoot 168gr bullets with H4198 powder at 300 yard targets. Can you help?


  27. Robert e Lee says:

    Need load data for the 30br I have a savage axis action with a 28″ Pac-Nor barrel that has 1:12 twist, I’d like to shoot 168gr bullets with H4198 powder at 300 yard targets. Can you help?


    • Robert – Unfortunately, we did not test any data with H4198. We did use IMR-4198 and that started at 23.0 grs. up to a max of 29.0 grs. The H4198 is a bit faster and I would tell you to start at the same starting load. The max load should be about 1.0- 1.5 grs. less. Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician


  28. Robert Nemec says:

    Could you pleas send me the reloading data for the 168gr TMK with Vihtavuori N-135. Thanks a lot!


  29. Ronald Stephens says:

    You folks have always been helpful whenever I have hit a snag while looking for a load. I DO have a question for you though: My early Edition V reloading manual is not current but has been completely sufficient for my needs until I have come across some powders that I don’t see listed for the .308 Win. and .223 Rem that I would like to try. And, of course the Tipped Matchkings. Are there updates available to bring my Edition V current or should I purchase a current copy?


  30. Tim Wass says:

    I’m looking for loading data on 6:8 rem spc. Using the Sierra 110 gr pro hunter bullet.


  31. Guy Sandidge says:

    I have a load for duplicating 5.56 NATO M193 round specifically using the #3155 FMJ-BT (0.133G7 – 2.250″) bullet which Sierra used to duplicate the ballistics for the M193. Since I have not tried this load yet (only theoretical) I wonder if you have any load data or words of wisdom:

    My Mini-14 rifle is a 18.5-in Barrel with a Muzzle velocity calculated at 3192 fps (98.3% of the original M16A2 (20-in) barrel at 3149+/- 40 fps).

    COAL is calculated as 2.250″ based on bullet cannulure crimp and exposed 0.411″ Ogive plus 1/2 cannelure width.

    Powder: 27.98gn Hodgdon CFE223 (estimated chamber pressure 56014psi based on Hodgdon 2016 Annual Reloading Magazine)

    Primer: Federal 205M (Match) or CCI-400

    Case Trimmed at 1.750″ – 1.9680 cc capacity (30.31gn Water70F x 0.64929 cc/gn = 1.9680 cc)


    Guy Sandidge
    Bolton, MS


  32. Robert Dom says:

    hi, do you have data for 155gr TMK’s using IMR 4064 in 30’06 for an m1 Garand and 308 for a m1A?


  33. Keith says:

    Any idea when you will have 6.5 Creedmoor load data?


  34. Tracey Maloney says:

    Gentlemen I have a 5th edition manual and I am looking for data on the 300 AAC Blackout using your 135 gr SMK and loading with either h110 or Hogdgon Lil gun. Any help would be appreciated. Also looking for subsonic loads for the 220 smk


  35. Mike Stach says:

    I’m new to reloading and picked the 155 grain tipped matchking to shot with my 308 Tikka T3. I read and was assuming before that the posted 155 grain Matchking loading data would match. However now that you mentioned the different length I’m a little confused.
    Can you tell what the difference in length is? Do you have complete loading data?
    As I mentioned I’m new to reloading and very cautious!
    Thank you


    • Mike – You will use the same load data. But, be sure to start at the minimum load listed and then increase powder charges in small increments (.5 gr.) watching for signs of excess pressure. Seeing as how you are new to reloading, study the front section of the Manual concerning the reloading process and be very familiar with pressure signs. If at all possible, get with an experienced loader and let them show you what you need to watch for. I mentioned that the bullets seated a little deeper because the bullets are longer. If trying to maintain the same over-all-length as with the hpbt version, you will push more bullet down into the case. This means that you will have slightly less powder capacity available. This can cause pressures to increase a bit. – Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician


  36. Tim says:

    Do you have load data for 65 gr Game king for 223


  37. Randy says:

    I just 0rderd the 25-45 sharps 20″ barrell with a 1 in 10 twist what bullett and powder would you reccomend?


  38. Fred Soldat says:

    Just picked up some 168 gr .308 tmks to reload in hornady match brass with varget powder and cci br primers. Was going to buy a loading manual but local shop didnt have current edition. Would please like load data for above mentioned components. Thanks Fred


  39. Elvio Marchi says:

    I’ve also Edition 5…Within the 6.5×55 category there isn’t a 130 gr MatchKing to coincide with the new Tipped MatchKing. I’m concerned about COAL and loadings with RP brass @ SAMMI COL’s…can you help me out here?


  40. robert harbaugh says:

    Hello. I have just received a new .338Win mag for Christmas. ( A gift to myself, LOL ) It is a Rem. Model 700 with a 24″ barrel. I would like to have your PDF data info on this caliber if you would send it to me. I can obtain info from other companies but only use Sierra bullets. For this reason I prefer your listings to that of others. Thanks you.


  41. Kevin rhea jr says:

    Hi there, do you have any load data for me for the TMK.
    I’m loading .308 175TMK, Lapua brass, re-15 powder, CCi br2 primers. Remington sps tatical 20″ heavy barrel, 1-12 twist..


    • Elvio Marchi says:

      I can’t help you with the .30; I’m still working out the 130gr 6.5 TMK. Sierra doesn’t have any info to pass on for it either. They suggest I use the 140gr MK tables and work up a load. The OAL and Ogive placement of the TMK are totally different and seating depths (in the case) would differ greatly depending on where you were taking your COAL from, ogive or tip. You would think the company would have their research and applications down pat to pass on to their customers before they put a product on the market. I guess WE are the ones they expect to do it for them!


  42. Tim B. says:

    Would you be able to provide load data for .280 Rem with a 160 TMK. I’m using a Krieger 29″ barrel. What is Sierra’s accuracy load with a 160 TMK? I am considering H1000, IMR-7977, IMR-4955.


  43. NorgeX says:

    Would you be kind enough to provide any data you have for the 6mm-.223? I currently have some 70 gr. BlitzKings on the shelf for critters, and am planning on using either the 85 grain GK or the 100 grain GK for goats/sheep/hogs and antelope………depending on energy at 250 yards.


  44. NorgeX says:

    I’ve really become fond of the 6mmx.223Rem (6x45mm). What would be your bullet and starting powder load recommendation for a deer/sheep load in alpine/scrub brush country, were shots can come anywhere from 50 ft to 400 yards? Also, thanks for all the help you provide, I have found most everything you put up here useful.


  45. Jon says:

    Sierra Bullets are the best. I am looking for data on the .308 125gr. Game King using CFE 223. I have looked at the Hogdon site, but would like to second source that data. Do you have any other test data for that combination. Thank you for the great site.


  46. Joe Mendoza says:

    Hi, may I request load data for 168 gr
    Sierra tipped matchkings (.308). I’m sitting them on lake city brass, 4064. The guys in my local club suggested that I go 2 grains under the current charge of 43.8 because of primer cratering and poor consistency. But 2 grains under will set me back below the minimum charge recommended.


  47. Johan says:

    Do you have load data for Varminter 110 gr (.308w) Powder Norma 200?


  48. Max says:

    How’s it going? Do you guys have the load tables for the 77gr TMK yet? I haven’t been able to find any and from what I understand the 5th addition manual does not contain the data for those bullets. Thank you for your help


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