MOA Cold Turkey 1000 Yard Handgun Match Report

Written by Sierra Bullets Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant

The MOA Cold Turkey 1000 Yard handgun match is held near Sundance, Wyoming. Richard Mertz of MOA handgun fame came up with the idea of a match where you fired a shot at a 1000 yard target without any sighters. Thus the name Cold Turkey. The person closest to the X ring had the honor of having the first shooting position. I was actually fortunate enough to be the first person to be on target at 1000 that first year. The following year we just started drawing names for shooting positions.  There are now 3 categories: light gun, heavy gun, and hunter. The Hunter class is shot off of 3 sandbags or a bipod. Light and heavy gun use rests. Each gun is shot at 3 ranges – 500, 750, 1000 yards. You shoot a 5 shot group, targets are scored and pasted and you repeat that twice more. The 3 group sizes are totaled up and the top 4 shooters in each relay shoots off for the winner at each distance and division.

Today (Thursday) we just finished up the 500 yard portion in all 3 categories. Friday will be the 750 yard portion and Saturday will be the 1000 yard finale with awards Saturday night. This is the 9th year for this match and I have been privileged to have shot all of them. This year there are shooters here from Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Canada and I believe another state or 2. It is really unbelievable some of the group sizes shot here with a handgun and a really challenging match.  I placed 4th today in heavy gun and 3rd in hunter.  Hopefully tomorrow at 750 I will do better.

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2 Responses to MOA Cold Turkey 1000 Yard Handgun Match Report

  1. Glenn Pilgrim says:

    Carroll, it was a privilege to meet and shoot with you. The shoot and sportsmanship was outstanding. Thank you Sierra for supporting the shoot!.


  2. Earl Geikowski jr says:

    I purchased the 168gr TMK for my DPMS LR308. I was thinking a c.o.l. 2.800 & 37.1 grs of IMR4064. If not what do you think? Thanks for your time.


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