Sierra Bullets Infinity 7 Ballistic Software

Sierra’s newly released Infinity Version 7 Exterior Ballistics offers an easy to navigate interface designed by shooting enthusiast and Microsoft® software designer, Rodney Korn. Like Infinity Version 6, Infinity Version 7 allows users to generate multiple trajectory charts and graphics, point blank range, calculate zero, uphill/downhill shooting,
maximum range, minute of angle, profiled wind improved atmospherics, revised print formats trajectory in mils, gun database and more. Infinity 7 computes ballistic data based on the calculations of renowned Sierra ballistic consultants and retired chief scientists Ted Almgren and Dr. Bill McDonald.

Infinity 7 is compatible with Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP, or Win2K. Infinity 7 is available as stand alone software or packaged with Sierra’s 5th Edition Reloading Manual in either a printed or digital format. Software users are encouraged to check the Sierra Bullets website at for downloadable software updates and additions.

Infinity 7 Demonstration Video

Profiled Winds Demonstration Video

Check back for more instructional videos!

User Guide Icon

Download the new 59 page user guide.

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2 Responses to Sierra Bullets Infinity 7 Ballistic Software

  1. Chris Bass says:

    Wish this was Mac friendly….


  2. Ben says:

    Compared with Ver 6 I don’t find this is a nice program. The green screens are dreadful. Exporting charts to .png means you are printing A4 pages of solid black with thin coloured lines. What happened to the facility for applying numbers on graphs, which was so helpful in Ver 6? It would be nice to be able to customise charts and background colours to something more useable. I do like the way that one can now move between screens though. I will be reinstalling Ver6 on an old laptop for the better graphics.


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