Poem About Reloading: Stool Shootin Slaves

Happy World Poetry Day! – from the Bulletsmiths   To celebrate, check out this poem written by By Ola Warren and published on page 7 of the February 1957 issue of Precision Shooting magazine.


Life is not dull with a Stool Shootin Nut,

My gosh no – It’s anything but

My days are not marked with monotony

Neither can they be tagged all efficiency,

But I wonder and wonder why things go awry

When I have tried so hard his wish to comply,

Sense of time disappears each spouse will agree

When a meeting is held by the “Big Three.”

I set a good table with soft candle light

And in comes my darling looking a sight,

No time to shave – No time to change

He’s spent all day at that darned old range.

Later I suggest we go out for some fun

Splendid, he says – we will try out my new gun,

I dumbly smiled to be a good sport

While secretly thinking of a Divorce Court.

Next day he states he has plans for me

How sweet, I think, it’s our Anniversary,

Come on he says, for Heaven’s Sake

We have five hundred bullets to make.

Then ‘ere I get going – I hear his cries

What have you done with my Biehler dies **!!##**,

I give up – but no use rave

I just admit I’m a Stool Shootin Slave.

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