Double Duty Deer Stands

Written by Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

Once deer season is over, deer stands are usually a forgotten piece of hunting equipment for the most part. We may have the occasional recollection of a hunting success or possibly a regret of an opportunity missed. But usually until the next fall hunting approaches we don’t think about that stand a whole lot. Now this is certainly not new news by any means, but we can get a lot of good from that piece of equipment by using it for other outdoor pursuits.

One thing that can be a tremendous amount of enjoyment is to photograph wildlife from the stand. It works well and offers the opportunity to view wildlife in a very natural atmosphere.  A couple of other uses actually give you the opportunity to hunt from these stand. Predator calling is a very popular post deer season pursuit. The hunting stand can get you out of the line of sight and also help to evade the sensitive noses of predators. Small game hunting can be very productive from your stands. I have used the ladder stands on our hunting areas to squirrel hunt. It works tremendous. Of course, as always, use caution and be safe when using elevated stands of any kind. More food for thought to provide more opportunities in the off-season. Have fun!

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