Firearm Safety Never Ends

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd

A couple of months ago my brother and I decided to go duck hunting one weekday morning. Firearm deer season in Missouri was in full swing and while we would be hunting on a public area, there would be no conflict as we were hunting on water in a boat with a blind on it and away from where deer usually are.

We had a good hunt and were getting ready to pick up our decoys and head for home.  We were busily doing our normal routine of lowering the boat blind and getting the boat squared away prior to putting decoys in it. While doing this, we were visiting and working away and I heard a bullet come through the trees on the shore and splash in the water right behind us! My brother looked at me and made the comment that “someone must be shooting at a running deer.” He had no more than finished saying this when another bullet came literally between us and hit the water within ten feet of us. At about this time I realized that the “running deer” was most likely a target of some kind without a sufficient backstop that some person was shooting at, and that it was likely that more bullets would be headed our way very soon.

We had our boat anchored and both waded to shore and tried our best to hide behind some cover. I personally can tell you that a six inch diameter willow tree is quite insufficient when you know high velocity bullets are incoming.

There were several more bullets that impacted in the immediate vicinity of our boat. The shooter was quite a distance away based upon the time lag of the bullet versus the sound from the gun muzzle and the size of the “group” that was displayed on the water, but I assure you that those bullets had plenty of velocity to penetrate and cause harm.

This is yet another reminder for those that use firearms to be conscious of safety including one of the commandments of guns safety which is “Be sure of your target and what is behind it.”

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2 Responses to Firearm Safety Never Ends

  1. DAVID RUPPEL says:

    I glad you both are OK and no one was hurt or worse killed. I have been in the.same type of situation, but I was deer hunting. Right at dark everyone in the woods decided to empty thier rifles. To lazy to unload them I guess, and bullets were flying all around me. Lucky I had 4 foot diameter and 5 foot tall stump to hide behind. I waited 30 min. after the last shot before I walked back to my Jeep. I.never hunted in that area again. There are so many hunters that just don’t remember to follow the rules. This was just outside of a large city and it was a place for the after work crowd headed for a evening hunt. I had the day off and had been out all day and hadno idea that many people showed up that late in the day. Well from then on I never hunted with in an hour or 2 from a large city again. Scared the poo out of me.
    Please people follow the safety rules of shooting!!!


  2. Randy Hillyer says:

    Which is exactly the reason I am concerned that supposedly they are going to approve high power rifles in Indiana next year. It would help me as a handicapped hunter but too many idiots out there and that is scary! Those who most likely couldn’t hit a deer standing still shouldn’t try to hit one running!


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