Warning: Reloading Can Be Highly Addictive

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Gary Prisendorf

Why do we reload our own ammunition? There are many reasons; to save money, to load obsolete ammunition or loading more accurate ammo just to name a few.  I originally started hand loading to save money, but now I reload for all the previously mentioned reasons and many more.

Probably the main reason I reload is because I enjoy it. Reloading is a great hobby and the more effort we put into it the more personal satisfaction we get when we look at the results on our targets. Call me strange, but when I see all of my bullet holes in a tiny little cluster, it’s a bit on the therapeutic side to me.

I started looking around my loading room and started adding up the cost of my equipment, and quickly realized that over the years, I have literally spent thousands of dollars on my hobby. So if you asked me how much money did I save reloading my own ammunition, I would realistically have to say it has probably cost me far more than I ever saved. But the result is, I have got to shoot far more ammunition with much better accuracy and became a smarter, better shooter because of it. Besides it’s my hobby. Some people collect stamps, build model ships or work on old cars. I prefer to load the very best ammunition that I can possibly make in my spare time. And I would love to see those other guys hunt whitetail with their stamp collection.

highly-addictiveAll joking aside, if you want to reload to save money, you can do that no problem. But beware reloading can be highly addictive and it won’t be long till you start seeing the results on your targets. You will find that your hand loads are far more accurate than the factory stuff you have been buying. And then you will be hooked. A few years will go by, you will look around your loading room and you will realize that you have spent a lot of money on the best, most rewarding hobby there is.

And what will look better in your living room, a model ship on your bookcase or that monster buck hanging on your wall?

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9 Responses to Warning: Reloading Can Be Highly Addictive

  1. Randy Hillyer says:

    Truer words could not be said. Reloading does indeed improve accuracy. The great feeling when you add or subtract a small amount of powder, or change types of primers plus properly preparing the case for reloading. When it does shrink the group all you do is smile!


  2. Zbigniew says:

    It would be a lot more enjoyable if components, especially powder, were available. H870 doesn’t work so well in a .22 Hornet.


  3. David Ruppel says:

    You will get no argument from me! I am an addict and I admit it freely. Reloading is a great way to spend a quiet relaxing evening or a rainy day.


  4. Keith Akers says:

    I’m not talking about one or 2 hits but hitting a man size target say 70% of the time. With a standard 308 Winchester. I have the book it’s very good. There is a YouTube video where a sniper claims he can make regular hits at one mile. He shoots with Travis Haley


  5. geoinsd says:

    For me, the top reason is to produce the ammo that gives me the most accurate results. In the process, having more control over what my ammo is is satisfying. I can use bullets that I found yield the best results. I can use certain powders whose characteristics I like such as CFE223’s low copper fouling property. Not including my time, it does save a lot of money. I can produce a match load that is superior to a factory load for about 50 cents/round or so. Factory ammo comes no where close (neglecting my time, like I said). But handloading is all part of the process of getting the best shooting results. Getting the best shooting results isn’t merely trigger time.


  6. DAVID RUPPEL says:

    Happyness is the sound of a “ding” 1000 yards down range with a round you put together yourself. You spend alot of time working up a load that is as accurate
    as you can make it and the cost of doing it is still cheaper then trying to make that same “ding” with box after box of factory ammo. The pride you feel when you make that ding or down that buck with your own handloads is very self satisfying!


  7. Joe Zizzo says:

    Yeah ! I have been reloading since I was 16 years old . I’m 61 now and reloading more than ever.


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