Sierra Bullets Announces New Tipped MatchKing Bullets for 2015

How do you make the most accurate bullet in the world even better? By crowning the world renowned MatchKing with an acetal resin tip that lowers the drag by improving the ballistic coefficient. For shooters who are looking for a tipped match bullet, your King has just been crowned! Tipped MatchKing bullets are available in 100 and 500 count boxes.

TMK 7169 69 grTMK 7177 77 grTMK 7725 125 grTMK 7755  155 grTMK 7768 168 grTMK 7775 175 gr

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16 Responses to Sierra Bullets Announces New Tipped MatchKing Bullets for 2015

  1. Bill McDonald says:

    Hello, Matt and all the Bulletsmitths,

    This is excellent!! I am very to see the addition of sharply pointed Matchkings to the line.

    Merry Christmas, and thank you for the nuts (the edible ones of course)!!

    Bill McDonald

    Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 22:01:09 +0000 To:


  2. Keith Akers says:

    Any plans for up grading the .338 BTMHP’s B.C with a plastic tip?


  3. Keith – There is nothing in the works at this time.


  4. DW says:

    What other TMK bullets are in the works?
    For someone who buys 2K dollars a year in bullets, I would love to see 6mm / 6.5mm / 7mm ?


    • We are focused on getting the current ones to market right now, so no other calibers are in the works at this time, but I am sure any future expansion of the line will include the 6mm caliber! – Matt Reams – VP – Sales & Marketing


  5. T Tillman says:

    Any chance the tipped bullets will be available with moly coating? Like in .308, 168gr?


    • Hello T Tillman – we do not have any plans to moly coat them at this time, but that could be a possible addition for future expansion of this line. I will pass along your vote for moly coating. Thank you!


  6. Larry Steidley says:

    I cannot find any of these new 168 gr 30 caliber bullets anywhere. Am I missing a vendor? If not, is there a projected date they will be available? Thanks.


  7. Capt. Dan says:

    Thank you for making the very best bullets even better! I am new to reloading and am having trouble with where to start my loads. I am shooting a modern magazine fed “magpul 7.62 Pmags” bolt action .308 with a 20 inch 1/10 barrel, my components are- new Laupa brass, CCI BR2 primers &.308 175gr TMK, the powders are Varget and IMR 4064. How many grains should I start at and what would be considered a max load, is the load data the same for 175gr SMK? If the TMK has to be seated deeper to fit in the mags will there be a issue with pressure compared to SMKs? Will Hornady match & Federal GMM brass take the same charge as the Laupa brass? Any help would be greatly appreciated


  8. Steve Carr says:

    Is there any specific load data for you .22 caliber Match King tipped bullets? In reading product reviews,
    your latest manual does not contain any tipped bullet data.


    • Steve – The Tipped MatchKings (TMK’s) were introduced after the Manual was published. Therefore they do not appear in the Manual. The load data in the Manual still works with the TMK’s if you start at the minimum load and work up like always should be done.

      Duane Siercks
      Ballistic Technician


      • says:

        Thanks for your reply, I will say that I am surprised that you introduce a new bullet, with no testing load data available, and I am quite familiar with how to start loading a new bullet or cartridge, actually it is disappointing that Sierra chose to do it this way

        Sent from my iPhone



  9. samuel granados says:

    good afternoon gentlemen of sierra bullet, I am looking for information of the smk 195 tipped for my 300 win mag load and OAL thank you for your help my email


  10. Steve Carr says:

    Still waiting for at least a load data book suppliment for your tipped bullets, or even something to download


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