Jeff Golay: The Longest Shot

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin

I’d like to begin by congratulating Jeff Golay on a life filled with accomplishments. Jeff is a long range shooter at Central Indiana High Power Rifle Shooters (CIHPRS). He has been recognized in their One Mile Club four times now and actively participates in the Longest Shot Match at Camp Atterbury. He treats this as a no help match; meaning he has no coaching, no spotters, and ultimately no electronic gadgets like a Kestrel or smart phone. There is no way to see impacts on the ground because it is all grass and trees so there is no way to walk a bullet into the target. Everything is done the old fashion way; by reading the elements, putting pencil to paper and knowing where that bullet will impact before the shot is fired. Jeff is good at this because the target is a NRA long rifle 1,000 yard target set out to a maximum of 2,000 yards. Let that sink in for just a minute.

What kind of equipment will it take to accomplish this task? He is using a customized Remington 700 long action chambered in the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum cartridge, a one twist in 10” Broughton 30” length barrel, and Sierra’s #2240 220gr HPBT MatchKing. With it pushing 3,058 feet per second at the muzzle, it takes at least 3.5-4 seconds to reach the target. Of course he has also used other MatchKing bullets for this type of competition but this time our 220 grain was his bullet of choice after a moly-coating. The elevation is at 617’ above sea level with a temperature of 57º F and 90% humidity. Shooters were facing the south and the wind was 7-14 miles per hour at a full value or so from their left. Wind on the turrets at the time of the 2,000 yard shot was 10 MOA left / 200 inches plus and an additional 3 to 9 feet of holdover depending on the gust. Elevation was 83 minutes dialed plus 10 MOA up on a Moar reticle sometimes with an additional 32 to 48 inches of holdover. Jeff took five shots in five minutes resulting in four hits on target but it only took the first two to qualify him for his second 2,000 yard certificate. The first shot was from a cold bore and hit in the 7 ring at 4 o’clock. The second hit the 8 ring at 11 o’clock!

Jeff is a world-class shooter and I’m proud to know him. If you would like to meet him or even do some shooting with him at the range, I hear he is offering classes. If you just want to let him know you support him, you can find his contact information on the website. Till next time, shoot straight and enjoy your sport.

Update –

The scores are in for the 2014 match series and Jeff won the Overall Sniper Match Award as well as several others. The others include being the Sniper Match winner for match one with 6 of 11 shots a 10/X, 3/9 and 11 of 11 on target, earning the One Mile Certificate in match one and three, and the 2,000 yard certificate also in match one and three as well as first place in the 30 caliber class.

Keep in mind – the target is a NRA No. LR with the black center bullseye starting at the 8 ring measuring 44 inches, the 9 ring is 30 inches, the 10 ring is 20 inches, and the X ring is only 10 inches in diameter!

Way to go Jeff, that is some fine shooting!

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1 Response to Jeff Golay: The Longest Shot

  1. Roger says:

    I’ve always been enamored w/1000 yd shooting and the few matches I’ve fired have been enjoyable. But 1 mile? OMG!!! That Is AWESOME!!!!!


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