Deer Season 2014

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

Once this is posted on the blog, many of you will have already hunted a bow season or muzzle-loading season. Many youth seasons will be going on or just taken place. IT IS DEER SEASON!! The deer hunters National Holiday. Vacation time for many and a rite of passage for many youngsters. This is what most of us hunters have looked forward to all year.

I used to work for a farmer who could just not understand anyone wanting to take off work to deer hunt. He just was not interested. If you were successful, he sure liked the ideal of summer sausage or jerky. But he thought the “hunting” was a waste of time.

My Dad started me deer hunting very young. I didn’t carry a firearm, but I went hunting with him. He could climb about any tree that he came to, and when he found where he wanted to be, he would shinny up the tree and relax on a limb. He never considered building a stand. This usually meant that I would set on the ground at the base of a tree nearby. I don’t imagine he ever had to worry too much about dragging a deer out, because I was twisting and turning watching squirrels and whatever else that had caught my attention. But he took me and we shared many a memorable hour in the woods. As Dad got older and health issues prevented, he hunted less and less. He would always talk and listen to the story. He always wanted to see what you brought home. But the desire to go and the effort involved had just became too much. He is a great Dad.

I in turn had started my daughter hunting very early. She has always been my companion, or, in other words “my buddy.” She has always looked forward to our hunts and even more so as life got involved and she has missed a season or two due to college or work. She still tells me that she plans to be home to hunt each fall. I can’t wait to hear her car door slam and her feet come up the steps to the porch. Because I will know that we are going hunting. When she was much younger, more than once I had to wake her up as a deer approached so that she could fill her tag. I have always let her take the first shot, and a few times it has cost me the bigger deer. We are always reminding each other of some happening that took place on one of our hunts. At her High School Graduation, she was giving her Salutatorian speech and she told about what the deer hunts with Dad had meant to her and had taught her. Don’t think this Pop wasn’t proud!

If you hunt with a buddy or by yourself. Whether it be a large crew or just a few, remember that the best part is if everyone is being safe and the memories. Take the pictures and enjoy the hunt. If you are successful, send us a note (we love pictures) and share your story.

Now…….. where did I put those thermal socks after deer season last year?

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1 Response to Deer Season 2014

  1. DAVID RUPPEL says:

    Good stories! I didn’t get a deer this year, but I sure had fun anyway. The things you get to see when your out there is worth getting out of bed at 0 dark thirty and wonder around , in my case, the high desert. Getting a deer is just the dessert after a fine meal. This year I got to watch 2 little button bucks spar with each other. It was very entertaining. Something I wouldn’t have never seen if it wasn’t for being out there hunting.
    Now deer hunting is over with for me this year, but Elk season is in just a couple of weeks awwy. Maybe I’ll get to taste a little of that dessert then?


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