2014 Blue Ridge 3 Gun Match

Written by Sierra Bullets Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant

The Blue Ridge 3 Gun match was started by Andrew Horner. Andy is the father of Daniel Horner, who is a Army Marksmanship Unit Shooter and one of the top 3 gun shooters ever. I have known both Andy and Daniel for many years from the American Handgunner matches in Montrose, Colorado. Daniel was just a young kid then and already a upcoming shooter. The match originated in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia but moved to the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky a few years ago.

Blue Ridge 3 Gun match Sierra Bullets
Seemingly always plagued with rain, this year’s match was no different. The match was held October 16th – 18th with the ROs shooting in the rain the days before the match. As I left Missouri, just as I crossed into Indiana, it started raining on me and continued raining all the way to Park City (sometimes so hard you could barely see). Water was running down the ditches and the creeks were flooding. The forecast showed it was supposed to clear off for the match. Sure enough, the night before the match, it quit raining and turned off much cooler. Every stage was muddy, especially stage 8. The roads to some of the stages looked like a mud run had been held there and several vehicles got stuck.  The newly wrapped Sierra Mobile got covered in mud so it took a pretty thorough cleaning to get it back looking decent.

Blue Ridge 3 Gun match  MGM
Andy likes to have high round count and pretty physical stages with a variety of positions. Several stages you had to go prone on. With my replacement knee, I can’t go prone and get back up without having something to literally pull up on, so I just took several procedurals to shoot it standing. It made it much safer for both myself and the ROs, because trying to wallow around and get up with a loaded firearm was just a disaster looking to happen.

Blue Ridge 3 Gun match Sig Sauer(See more pictures on the Blue Ridge 3 Gun match Facebook page.)

Squadding was set up where you shot 3 stages per day and one day you would shoot early (7:30 start) and the next day late (9:30) and the next day early with other squads shooting late, early, late. The match went off very smoothly with almost 200 shooters. Tactical Iron had 16 shooters, heavy metal only had 4, open with 24 and of course, the big class was Tac optics with 153 shooters. Several shooters weren’t present due to preparing for the 3 Gun Nation shoot-offs the following weekend.

Hunting season is here now, so I am off to Texas hunting for Aoudad again. Hopefully my next post will have a larger Aoudad than last year. Have a safe hunting season.

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