South Central IHMSA Championships

Written by Sierra Bullets Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant

The South Central IHMSA Championships (formerly IHMSA Region 4) was held at the Oklahoma City Gun Club in Arcadia, Oklahoma on October 3rd – 4th-and 5th. The wind was blowing severely on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday the weather was beautiful. Shooters were there from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota (I believe), and Minnesota. There may have been another state or two also.

All the IHMSA categories were shot there plus several unofficial side categories not sanctioned by the IHMSA. Unofficial categories were cowboy lever action guns in both centerfire rifle cartridges, centerfire handgun cartridges, and rimfire. There was also a 500 meter shoot and a Bordello shoot. The Bordello shoot is basically a concealed carry gun and if it has adjustable sights, you can’t adjust them. It is shot on the field pistol targets. I managed to win the Bordello class using a STI 2011 in .40 S&W using Sierras #8460 180 gr. JHP.

Jim Fields, the match director, has been running IHMSA matches at the gun club there for many years and pretty well has it down to an art. With auto reset targets, relays run smoothly and quickly. I would like to thank Jim and his help for putting on a great match.

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2014 IHMSA South Central Category Champion Winners

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