Ozark Shooters Ladies Charity Match

Written by Sierra Bullets Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant

Each fall, a group of ladies called the Women’s Recreational Shooting Association host a match at Ozark Shooters Sports Complex just north of Branson, Mo. This is a unique match with the proceeds going to the Shriners Childrens Hospital. A 2-day event, this year it was held October 11 – 12.

The area around Branson is beautiful to start out with and with the leaves changing into the fall colors, it just adds to the match. This year, the weather was a little more dreary with drizzle and fog, but tents were provided to help keep you dry. My wife and I have shot this match I believe since the first year it was held. It has grown each year and women that shoot it the first time are always already making plans to shoot it the following year.

There are 4 courses of fire (all handgun) and guns and ammo are furnished, so all you have to do is show up and shoot. The first day is ladies only. Ladies who have never even fired a handgun before show up to shoot it. One course is steel cut outs of a vacuum cleaner, bodice, iron, skillet, alarm clock, telephone and some other household items. You have 2 revolvers loaded with 38 Specials and when you shoot one dry, you pick up the second to finish up. If you clean all the targets and have any ammo left, you have a bonus target to shoot at. Some years it is a small explosive target but this year was a playing card.
The second stage is clay pigeons in a circle and again a bonus target. This is shot with a pair of .22s. The third stage is a falling plate rack, also with the bonus and it is also shot with a pair of .22s. The 4th stage is full pop cans setting on pedestals and this is shot with a pair of .38 Special revolvers.

The second day is the Couple Shoot.  Husbands, boyfriends, or just someone they borrowed compete with the women as a couple. Each of the couples has a handgun and you each shoot at the same time. Targets are the same as the ones shot the day before. Scores are broken down in Lewis classes according to score and consist of AA, A, B.

We have some good friends, Harry and Sharon Alder from here in Missouri who come up to shoot this match each year for the last few years. We have been good friends since the mid-70s when we started shooting handgun silhouettes together. There has been a pattern evolved. It seems that either they win AA and my wife and I take second or we win AA and they take second. Last year, we won, this year they won. It wasn’t without a fight though. During the initial match, we tied, even missing the same pop can targets. The first shoot-off, we flipped to see who had to shoot first, they lost, and had to shoot first. We tied again, missing exactly the same targets again. The next shoot-off, they managed to edge us out by 1 pop can. We couldn’t have lost to any better competitors than Harry and Sharon. Maybe next year it will be us again. (Remember, it should be our turn!)

The Women’s Recreational Shooting Association also hosts a shotgun charity match. Ozark shooters also has a variety of other events going on all the time. They have a Sportsman Team Challenge regional each spring plus assorted sporting clays, skeet and trap events. If you are interested in shooting one of the matches you can look them up at www.Ozarkshooters.com.  The phone number is 417-443-3093.

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