Jason Goodwin Shoots 3 Trophies With 165 Gr. Sierra GameKings (#2140)

Submitted by Jason Goodwin of Wyoming

Little BoysJason shot this bull elk last year with a 20″ free floated 308 AR using 165 gr. GameKings (#2140) over 43.1 gr. of Varget in a R-P case set off by a CCI BR-2 primer.  Jason’s two sons, Bryce (9 at the time) and Kayden (5 at the time), did the final stalk with him by low crawling behind some sage brush.

Jason hadn’t been having much luck during their short season (14 days) last year, until  the last day of the season.  He found a few bucks hanging out and picked the biggest one in the group.  Jason estimated the buck to be a small 3 year old.  The buck was shot using 165 gr. GameKings (#2140).

Buck in Field
Jason dropped this Whitetail in his tracks with the 165 gr. GameKings (#2140).

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