The 1956 National Bench Rest Championships

From Precision Shooting magazine August 1956, page 9.

The roomy covered firing line at San Angelo, Texas from which the 1956 National Bench Rest Championship Matches were fired October 11- 13, 1956.

The roomy covered firing line at San Angelo, Texas from which the 1956 National Bench Rest Championship Matches were fired October 11- 13, 1956.

This spacious modern, steel covered firing line is 250 feet long by 18 feet wide and will have 36 benches. Since this range, owned by the San Angelo Gun Club which with the Texas Bench Rest Shooters Association will sponsor the matches, is used for other types of shooting, the benches are built to be moved on and off the firing line.  As you will note in the photo, the benches are of very solid construction and they have proven very satisfactory in several Texas State bench rest matches. There will be solid loading benches behind the firing points under the firing line cover and there will be provision for shooters to back their cars up to the firing line and load from the back of their car.

There will be a commercial row where it is expected that loading components and shooting accessories will be on sale to competitors.

The range is located on Lake Nasworthy and is approximately 4 1/2 miles from the center of San Angelo and about 3 miles from the south edge of the city. There will be some camp sites available at the range and there are excellent camping facility at the County Park nearby. There are over 1,000 first class rooms at moderate prices available at hotels and motels in and around the city of San Angelo.

Mr. Otis Stewart, manager, Cactus Hotel, San Angelo, Texas, will handle reservations, whether at his hotel or any other hotel or motel the visitors desire. Write to Mr. Stewart in regard to reservations for the type of accommodations you desire.

Weather-wise, according to the U.S. Weather Bureau the normal temperature range at San Angelo in October averages a minimum high of 83 degrees the first part of the month to 73 degrees the last part of the month. Normal minimum averages from 62 to 51 degrees. The over-all average being about 70 degrees. October is provably the most beautiful and comfortable month of the year – usually bright and sunny days, very little change for rain and very little chance for the West Texas bug-a-boo dust storms.

The “Top Twenty” Winners From the 1956 National Bench Rest Championship From Precision Shooting magazine January 1957, page 8.


The 1956 National Bench Rest Championship “TOP TWENTY” shooters. Left to right in order of their ranking in the championship aggregate are: Front row kneeling – C.C. Hankins, Buffalo, Wyoming*; Brunon V. Boroszewski, Buffalo, New York; Robert W. Smith, Dallas, Texas; George McMullen, Minerva, Ohio; Ed McNally, Fayetteville, New York; L. F. Carden, Kansas City, Kansas; H. Shipley, Dell City, Texas; H. W. Barton, Wichita, Kansas; Dr. James G. Smith, Wauchula, Florida. Back row standing – Paul Gottschall, Salem, Ohio; W. S. Coleman, Burleson, Texas; John M. Rives, Corpus Christi, Texas; Mary Wilson, Cashmere, Washington was absent for the photo; Wallace Hart, Nescopeck, Pennsylvania; Bernice McMullen, Minerva, Ohio; Coleman Brown, Corpus Christi, Texas; Lawrence Rucker, Akron, Ohio; W. M. Brown, Augusta, Ohio; E. L. Beecher, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; and Raymond G. Speer, Lewistown, Idaho.

C.C. Hankins, Buffalo, Wyoming was the overall match winner.

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