2014 FNH 3 Gun Match

Written by Sierra Bullets Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant


Sierra Bullets Media Relations Manager, Carroll Pilant  – Photo courtesy of Adams Arms shooter, Becky Yackley.

The Peacemaker National Training Range, Glengary, WV was the location of the FNH 3 Gun Match on September 18 – 20.  As Larry Houck, the match director said, “If you follow your GPS, it will take you there on goat trails, so follow written directions.” My GPS would not even accept the address. This range is in a beautiful location with rolling hills, deep valleys and a lot of dust but the weather was perfect. The match offered 9 stages and each of the stages were taken from other major 3 gun matches around the country and named so accordingly. Names like Rocky Mountain 3 Gun, Blue Ridge 3 Gun, Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun, USPSA Multi Gun Nationals, CMMG Midwest 3 Gun and others.

One stage, you shot rifle targets from a platform on top of a large steel shipping container, then slid down a slide and engaged your other target with pistol and shotgun. I opted to go back down the steps. There was one broken ankle and one broken or fractured leg from the slide.

10610921_726077077428285_7321501308297837391_n10462389_726094010759925_1938195137223483469_o Photos from the FNH USA 3-GUN Facebook Page

The best thing about this match was the fact that you did not have to set or tape targets. There were about 7 ROs on every stage and they took care of all the targets. All you had to do was shoot.

This was a great match to shoot, with a three stage format, so it didn’t physically drain you like many matches do. Another plus thing about the match was you had options on which firearms you could use and a variety of ways you could shoot it. You had targets you could shoot with handgun or shotgun or both if you desired, targets you could shoot with handgun or rifle or both. My shotgun was giving me some problems, so I opted to shoot nearly all my shotgun/handgun targets with a handgun.

Saturday night, a tasty meal was followed by a prize table loaded with about $200,000 in merchandise from assorted firearms industry companies such as FNH, Armalite, Sierra and many more.

10660270_726092444093415_5695652214325712775_n Photo from the FNH USA 3-GUN Facebook Page

With 345 competitors for the match, Travis Gibson, of MGM Targets won the open division (With Sierra 77 grain MatchKings #9377), Greg Jordan won Tactical Optics (With Sierra 77 grain MatchKings #9377), James Casanova won Tactical Limited, Eric Lund won Heavy Metal Optics, and Joe Satterfield won Heavy Metal Iron Sights. Congratulations to all the winners for some fine shooting.

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