Hunting Season

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

Here we are in September and the archery season has already opened here in Missouri. The fall turkey season is starting in about 2 weeks. The dove season is in full swing, and the teal season just ended. If one had the time, you could stay fully employed at hunting right now. No wonder we love this time of year.

We have had several cool fronts push through with lows being in the low 40’s occasionally. I start getting the urge to spend every spare moment in the woods right now. The annual deer season is fast approaching, and as always, I have a lot to do before I can comfortably feel like I am ready. One of my quickest and favorite ways of preparing for deer season is to squirrel hunt. I hunt with a .22 rifle. I know many use shotguns and quite often that might be more productive in the early part when the leaves are still lush and thick. I prefer the .22 to help me get tuned in and also the squirrels can be very difficult to slip up on at this time. I have always figured that if I was successful with the .22 on squirrels, deer hunting would be good. I do not hesitate to claim that hunting squirrels this way just might be one of my favorite hunts.

We prepare the squirrel by quartering it up and soaking in salt water. Then the squirrel pieces are drained and rolled in flour that is seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper. I like to deep fry in a fish cooker just as you would fish. I also will slice up a few potatoes and fry them alternately between batches of squirrel. This makes a wonderful meal when shared with friends at a get-together. I can’t wait………..

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1 Response to Hunting Season

  1. David Ruppel from Christmas Valley, Oregon says:

    Nine more days until my deer season opens! Nothing like. Hunting high desert mule deer bucks in the sagebrush of. South. Central Oregon. I’ve been practicing with my Savage Striker in .270win., doing some scouting, and getting my gear ready to go. It’s taken 5 years to draw a center fire buck tag in the unit where I live . So I am a bit excited about this season. I have bow hunted the last 4 years with out success. Close but no shot opportunities with my longbow. Hopefully I’ll be getting one of these big old mulie’s in my cross hairs this year. Come on opening day!


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