A Record Breaking Rifle and Shooter


Mr. Barney M. Auston of Tulsa, Oklahoma with the rifle he built to break a National Bench Rest Shooters Association record and win the $250 cash award from Sierra Bullets manufacturers, which is being presented to him by Mr. John Zink, patron of bench rest shooting in Tulsa. (From the cover of Precision Shooting magazine May 1956)


On August 20, 1955, shooting at night in a registered shoot on the John Zink range near Tulsa, Oklahoma, Barney M. Auston of Tulsa broke the existing National Match Curse aggregate record and, as the first to do that in 1955, won the Sierra Bullets $250 cash award.  (Above) Mr. Auston is resting his hand on the rifle he built and shot to break the record with.

Mr. Auston’s winning aggregate for the National Match Course (five 10-shot groups at 100 yards and five 10-shot groups at 200 yards) was .4512 minutes of angle.  He also broke the 200 yard aggregate with an average f .4624 minutes of angel, beating the .4801 match m.o.a. record made by L.E. Wilson of Cashmere, Wash., at Buffalo, Wyoming, only a month earlier.

The rifle is built on an FN Mauser action with double set trigger, with a Hart stainless steel barrel, 30″ x 1 1/8″ and chambered for the .222 Remington cartridge.  The stock, made by Auston, has a Hydraulic bedder as made by L. F. Landwehr of Jefferson City, MO.  The scope is a 24 power 2 inch Unertl.

Mr. Auston shot 50 grain bullets, custom made by W. M. Brown of Augusta, Ohio, with .705″ Sierra cups and soft swedged.  His powder charge was 21 grains of 4198.

The rifle rests, both front and rear were also made by Mr. Auston.

Barney Auston, is a custom rifle maker in Tulsa who has fabricated the rifles used by many of the leading contenders in bench rest shooters in the Mid-Continent and Guild Coast Regions, and he has himself been one of those top contenders since competitive bench rest shooting started in that region.

Both of Mr. Auston’s records were broken again before the end of the 1955 shooting season and we suspect he will be trying harder than ever to regain his laurels in 1956.

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1 Response to A Record Breaking Rifle and Shooter

  1. David Ruppel from Christmas Valley, Oregon says:

    Cool Blast from the past! That happened the year I was born Good Year!!



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