Taking Time Out

Written by Sierra Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

It has been a busy summer around the place. Lots of projects that have taken far too long to complete and lots of “honey do’s” that actually maybe had to be done. I missed most of the spring fishing and turkey hunting this year, and now I’m starting to feel that fall “itch.”

It all got started while I was finishing up a project around the house and noticed that the squirrels had moved in on the hickory trees in the yard. I could hear the constant gnawing as they devoured the abundance of hickory nuts. I kept thinking that I would get out one evening and harvest a mess of squirrel for the skillet. The next thing I knew, they had destroyed the nut crop and moved on. Well now, that just isn’t right.

I have always hunted squirrels as this is one of my favorite past times. I started hunting them when I was about 5 or 6 years old. Every fall I would hunt them with great fervor for I love the meat. I have always said that if you could take your .22 rifle and harvest a limit of gray squirrels, you would not have any problem getting a deer when the season came around. There isn’t anything more alert or crafty as a squirrel. There are times when it seems that they are not paying any attention and then the next time you can’t even bat an eye without getting busted.

Well, I guess I should sight the rifle in and pull out the camo. I can just about taste a mess of fried squirrel with biscuits and squirrel gravy with some fresh garden tomatoes and a big glass of iced tea. They increased our bag limit on squirrels from 6 per day to 10 per day in Missouri.  Now I have to work even harder to “get my limit.”

Take a youngster and introduce them to small game hunting. They can have plenty to keep them interested and they will never forget. My dad kept me and my brothers out of a lot of trouble with a box of .22 shells. I recall so many hunts that we had together and all the great times that I would love to have again. My daughters have hunted with me every since they were big enough to tag along. I recall the Thanksgiving Day that the girls and I went squirrel hunting while mom was fixing dinner. Both girls took their first squirrel that morning.

For me, this means that the new fall hunting season has arrived and I’ve got to get started. You can find me in the woods……..

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