Circa 1970: Sierra 7MM Hollowpoint Boat Tail MatchKing Bullet Wins Wimbledon Cup

1970-NRA_MatchThe Sierra 7mm MatchKing bullet became the first 7mm bullet to win a Wimbledon Cup Match, a high power match shot from the 1000-yd. line, at the 1970 National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio held July 29-Aug. 24.

The 7mm bullet is the smallest caliber bullet ever to win the Wimbledon crown.  Traditionally, winners have used .30 caliber ammunition.  However, all ammunition used to win the Wimbledon Cup since 1955 has been manufactured by Sierra Bullets, Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

Using cartridges loaded by Martin J. Hull, Sierra Ballistics Engineer, Petty Officer Thomas Treinen, USN, Offit Field, Calif., (born four years after Wolters’ epochal performance) shot a perfect score of 100 points with 32 consecutive rounds in the 20″ v-ring to win the Wimbledon title.  Treinen then went on to shoot 12 more v’s, setting a new national match record.

The former record of 100 points with 20 v’s plus 7 additional v’s was established in 1939 by PFC A. J. Wolters, USMC.  The Wolters record was the oldest national record in the field of competitive shooting.  Treinen’s record breaking score was fired under early morning poor light conditions.  Gusty winds, which changed directions as much as 40 degrees during the match, ranged from 5 to 15 mph.

The rifle used by Treinen was specifically designed and built by Hull.  The rifle was made from a Winchester Model 70 rifle action to which was added a 29″-long Hart stainless steel barrel chambered for the 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge.  The gun took a year to design.

Ammunition for the gun consisted of Winchester cases, loaded with 66.5 gr. of 4831 powder and the relatively new 7mm, 168 gr. Sierra MatchKing bullet.  The primer used was a Remington 9-1/2 magnum.  This combination produced a muzzle velocity of approximately 3100 f.p.s.

Treinen’s only shots outside the v ring were his two sighting shots and his 33rd and final shot.  All these shots were scored as 5 on the old military target.

*This bullet is still produced and sold by Sierra Bullets today as the #1930 – 7mm – 168 gr.

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1 Response to Circa 1970: Sierra 7MM Hollowpoint Boat Tail MatchKing Bullet Wins Wimbledon Cup

  1. Mitchell Maxberry says:

    Same bullet I used to win the US LR Nationals in 1990 1993 and 1995. Unfortunately for me the old H4831 was long gone and finding a good powder from one year to the next was problem .


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